Adient Malaysia aims to be Southeast Asia Automotive Seating Foam Hub

Adient Malaysia aims to be Southeast Asia Automotive Seating Foam Hub

Adient Automotive Seating Sdn Bhd (Adient), a subsidiary of Adient PLC (NYSE: ADNT) a global leader in automotive seating, recently announced that its latest foam plant in Alor Gajah, Melaka has started exporting headrests to Thailand and Indonesia. The new RM10 million plant is equipped with state-of-the-art foam manufacturing technology to serve both the local market and for export. 

“Since 1983 we have been consistently investing to improve and expand the capability and capacity of our manufacturing operations in Malaysia and with our new foam plant in Alor Gajah, we are elevating to become an automotive export hub for the Southeast Asia region. Through this initiative, we will drive parts localisation, develop local suppliers, and create more job opportunities and export revenues for Malaysians and Malaysia. Leveraging on Adient’s global manufacturing best practices we provide the joy of driving with the safest, most comfortable and most entertaining mobility solutions that truly care for people and respect our planet,” said Adient Managing Director, AJ Dabydin.

Adient’s environmental responsibility shaped the new Alor Gajah foam plant operation strategy with the implementation of rainwater harvesting system to reduce the dependency on town water and installation of solar panels to produce electricity that powers various pieces of equipment. The factory is also equipped with five-star power rated and low carbon emission equipment, has LED lighting installed across the entire plant, and manages risk through environmental management systems and appropriate certification such as ISO14001.

Driving Industry 4.0 with automation and smart technology was another important consideration in Adient’s manufacturing strategy. With the implementation of Hydra Manufacturing System, which is a first in Malaysia, the plant is able to collect vast amount of production data from various equipment in real time onsite and remotely, and use visual analytics to improve right first time, reduce product defects and rework, and quickly identify root causes of potential issues from heat maps.

Dabydin said that even though a technology-centered approach was adopted, people were at the centre of designing the automation. “There was a need to re-skill and up-skill the operators for effective man-machine interaction and then keeping them safe through a plant layout that allows for one-meter physical distance and carefully planned logistic route,” he explained. 

In recognition of its remarkable contribution to the nation’s economy in using innovative and sustainable foam technology and best practice manufacturing, the Adient Alor Gajah plant recently emerged the winner in the Automotive Services category at SBR’s Malaysia International Business Awards 2021.

“We thank the Ministry of International Trade and Investment (MITI), Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), the various local authorities, our customers, business partners and our Adient team for all their support, and we are looking forward to hosting an official opening ceremony of the new plant when the situation permits,” concluded AJ Dabydin.