BMW Malaysia Presents the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40

BMW Malaysia recently introduced the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 and the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport. The new all-electric SAVs, designed purely to herald a new era of electrification, raises the benchmark ever higher for sustainable mobility in Malaysia.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “The First-Ever BMW iX will mark a celebrated milestone of Malaysian electromobility for the generations to come. With it, BMW Malaysia is proud to present the best possibilities of electric driving to our loyal customers and Electric Vehicle enthusiasts alike. Ahead of new opportunities in government policies towards electromobility, as seen in the recently announced Budget 2022, we are confident that the capabilities of the First-Ever BMW iX, along with the rest of the BMW i fleet, will give drivers in Malaysia the confidence to choose electric for their next – or even first, drive.”

The First-Ever BMW iX represents all that electromobility can offer and more, as the first fully electric BMW SAV to roll onto the Malaysian automotive playing field with an outstanding electrical output of up to 326HP, as offered in the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40. The impressive WLTP range of up to 630 kilometres in the First-Ever BMW iX variants is also designed to dispel range anxiety amongst potential and existing EV owners – a common roadblock for electromobility in the country.

Pioneering in the First-Ever BMW iX is the Shy Tech concept that allows the modern technology in the vehicle to blend into the background until needed or explicitly desired – existing as a sort of invisible intelligence that can be experienced in many details of the exterior and interior. The minimalistic design within the First-Ever BMW iX prides itself as a living space on wheels, offering sheer comfort on every journey. A technology flagship of the BMW Group, the First-Ever BMW iX represents the vanguard of a future generation of BMW automobiles that will redefine sustainability, driving pleasure and premium appeal.

Aerodynamically optimised, futuristic design language.
As the first SAV from the BMW i innovation hub, the First-Ever BMW iX introduces a highly contemporary design language oriented towards pure electric driving, with features pared down to their essence. Functionally, the First-Ever BMW iX takes form in an aerodynamically optimised body – with an impressively low drag coefficient of 0.25 – and is characterised aesthetically by bold sculpted surfaces and minimalist, precise lines.

The BMW kidney grille has also undergone adaptations for electric driving. With its pronounced vertical orientation and unbroken surface, the First-Ever BMW iX’s kidney grille is now an “intelligence panel”, concealing a number of sensors for automated driving functions. Dubbed “Shy Tech” – high technology that works discreetly – the sensors are protected by the polyeuthane-coated grille, which is resistant to minor damages, such as stone chipping, and is capable of self-healing within 24 hours at room temperature or five minutes with exposure to hot air.

Another distinctive design are the slimmest headlight and taillight units ever seen on a series-produced model from BMW – featuring LED headlights for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 and BMW Laserlights for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport. High-Beam Assistant arrives as standard for all variants. The First-Ever BMW iX is also the first BMW SAV to feature frameless side windows.

As for the wheels, 21-inch aerodynamic wheels 1010 Bicolour 3D polished buff come as standard for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40, while 22-inch aerodynamic wheels 1020 multicolour 3D polished buff come as standard for  the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport. All variants are equipped with 17-inch brake calipers in Blue and the expanded exterior mirror package.

In terms of external dimensions, the First-Ever BMW iX is comparable to the BMW X5 and BMW X6, measuring 4,953 mm in length and 3,000 mm in wheelbase. Width is measured at 1,967 mm (slightly less wide than the BMW X5 and BMW X6), while height is 1,695 mm for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40. In terms of luggage capacity, the First-Ever BMW iX is capable of producing 500 litres of cargo space.

Pioneering interior architecture.
The interior of the First-Ever BMW iX radiates the luxurious ambience of a private living space. Especially noticeable is the generous architectural design. Mirroring the exterior, the First-Ever BMW iX’s interior has also been pared down to the essentials, featuring both natural and recycled materials as well as a large, free-standing BMW Curved Display.

The philosophy of “Shy Tech” – embodying intelligent technology that is experienced rather than seen, contributes greatly to the generous sense of space and tidy ambience. These elements include invisible loudspeakers integrated into the seat design and door trims, barely noticeable air vents and illuminated touch controls in the centre console, which replace traditional button and switches. The panorama glass roof Sky Lounge also adds to the spaciousness of the First-Ever BMW iX.

For all variants, Interior Design Atelier lines the cabin as standard, along with the central console and central armrest in Sensatec. BMW Live Cockpit Professional, with curved 12.3-inch instrument display and 14.9-inch central display, is also fitted as standard. Convenience comes in the form of multifunctional seats for the driver, comfort access system, storage for wireless charging and automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control. Onboard entertainment is provided via HiFi loudspeaker system professional for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40, while a Harman Kardon surround sound system is standard for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport.

Exclusive interior offerings for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport are Interior Applications Clear&Bold and Headliner Anthracite with sun visors in Black, which come as standard.

BMW eDrive for extraordinary performance and range.
At the heart of the First-Ever BMW iX is the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, comprising the electric motors, power electronics, charging technology and high-voltage battery. The efficiency of the drive units developed by the BMW Group combines with modern battery cell technology to ensure a long range and electric driving pleasure with seamless acceleration – without the use of rare earths. Powerful charging technology makes for short charging times.

Two current-excited synchronous motors – one on the rear axle and one on the front axle – provide the basis for the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system. Characteristics of current-excited synchronous electric motors include a compact architecture combined with low weight and high efficiency. As the electric motors work almost completely silently, a virtual sound generator on the vehicle’s exterior operates at speeds up to 20 km/h as an active pedestrian protection feature.

Powering the First-Ever BMW iX, the high-energy density batteries combine with the efficient motors to provide excellent performance and range. In the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40, this translates to 326 hp (240kW) and a max torque of 630 Nm, allowing for a century sprint time of 6.1 seconds. In the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive50, 523 hp (385kW) and a max torque of 765 Nm allows for a century sprint time of 4.6 seconds. Power consumption (WLTP) for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 is measured at 22.5 – 19.4 kWh/100 km, with an electric range (WLTP) of 372 – 425 kilometres.

Owners of the fully electric First-Ever BMW iX benefit from convenience in safe and fast charging both at home and on the road, courtesy of an ever-expanding network of public charging points and the comprehensive standard equipment included with the First-Ever BMW iX, such as the Flexible Fast Charger for home charging use. Flexible Fast Charger, the BMW iX xDrive40 can be charged from 0–100% in just 7 hours 15 minutes, while high-power DC charging brings the vehicles to 80% in just 35 minutes and 31 minutes respectively. Owners of the First-Ever BMW iX can also enjoy battery warranty of up to 8 years or 160,000km, whichever comes first.

Intelligently designed for outstanding driving dynamics.
In addition to its excellent electric performance and efficiency statistics, the First-Ever BMW iX also delivers a completely new kind of driving experience for an SAV. With its high-voltage battery positioned in the vehicle floor between the two axles, it has a low centre of gravity. In addition, it benefits from intelligent lightweight construction, an ideal 50/50 weight distribution, the widest track in its segment and wheel sizes up to 22 inches. These characteristics make for a minimal amount of body roll that is exceptional for an SAV, as well as a level of agility comparable to that of a sports sedan.

A particular competitive strength of the First-Ever BMW iX is its excellent traction on practically any kind of surface. The BMW xDrive intelligently distributes drive torque between the front and rear wheels, in line with road surface characteristics. In the First-Ever BMW iX, the all-wheel drive system is combined with actuator contiguous wheel slip limitation to ensure superior traction control – a first for an electric car. This system benefits from extremely short signal paths, controlling the motor within fractions of a second to prevent wheel slip effectively and practically imperceptibly right from the start.

Additionally, the new “My Modes” button on the centre console (previously: Driving Experience Control) provides access to three modes. These affect not just driving characteristics but also change the interior lighting and display layout – previously the domain of the Experience Modes. The available modes are “PERSONAL” – which is customisable, “SPORT” and “EFFICIENT”.

BMW iDrive: next-level interaction between driver and vehicle.
New developments in digital technology and expanded vehicle functions also mean that the BMW iDrive is evolving as well. Making its debut in the First-Ever BMW iX, the latest generation of the BMW iDrive is far more than a classic infotainment system. It now encompasses a comprehensive mesh of interactions between driver and vehicle, starting with a welcome display before entering the First-Ever BMW iX.

Greater accessibility for BMW iDrive functions takes precedence, via a decluttered design language and deliberately reduced number of physical controls, which have been seamlessly integrated with the expertly rendered digital controls on-screen. Voice control and touchscreen functionality have been given a greater level of importance.

Meanwhile, the advanced BMW Operating System 8 software provides the First-Ever BMW iX with a level of intelligence that allows it to proactively present the driver with a filtered set of data relevant to their requirements and the current situation, keeping the information as quick and easy to take in as possible. With its latest-generation software, the BMW Operating System 8 ensures that many features remain self-teaching and can be expanded throughout their life cycle as well as kept up to date via Remote Software Upgrade from inside the vehicle.

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional now includes a high-resolution, fully digital BMW Curved Display and a new user interface and menu structure with individually configurable widgets. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has also been improved upon with extended functionality and a new, more interactive graphical user interface. Also standard are Intelligent Emergency Call, Teleservices, ConnectedDrive Services, Connected Package Professional, BMW Natural Interaction and Active Protection.

In terms of safety systems, the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 comes with Driving Assistant which includes Lane Keeping Assistant, Front Collision Warning with brake intervention, Pedestrian Warning with city brake activation, Cross-traffic Warning with brake intervention at the rear, rear collision prevention and Speed Limit Info. Also available is the Parking Assistant which includes Park Assist, Reversing Assistant, Active Park Distance Control (PDC), lateral parking aid and Reversing Assist Camera.

The First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport come with Driving Assistant Professional which includes Driving Assistant plus Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Emergency Stop Assistant, automatic Speed Limit Assist, Lane Change Assistant, Active Cruise Control, Cross-traffic Warning front/rear, Evasion Assistant, Right-of-way Warning and Wrong-way Warning. Equipped as standard is the Parking Assistant Plus which complements the Parking Assistant with additional cameras monitoring the space in front of the vehicle. Cruise control with braking function also comes as standard for all variants.

Exterior colour offerings for the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 include Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Phytonic Blue, Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect and Blue Ridge Mountain. The First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport also available in the above exterior colour offerings, along with three additional options which are Mineral White, as well as the BMW Individual Aventurine Red Metallic and BMW Individual Storm Bay Metallic, which would incur an additional fee of RM7,540.00. Interior colour offerings for all variants include Interior design Atelier Mocha and Interior design Atelier Black.

Complete premium ownership experience.
Owners of the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 and the First-Ever BMW iX xDrive40 Sport will receive the complete BMW Group Malaysia Premium Ownership experience which includes:
> BMW 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service Programme
> BMW 8-Year / 160,000 km Battery Warranty (whichever comes first)
> BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline
> The BMW Group Loyalty+ Mobile App - BMW Privileges Card
> BMW Service Online

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