BMW Premium Selection Experience with BMW Engage

BMW Financial Services Malaysia announced the service extension of the BMW Engage feature to the all-new BMW Premium Selection digital experience - in line with their commitment to digitalise touch points early last month.

The BMW Premium Selection digital experience offers a wide selection of pre-owned premium vehicles from the BMW portfolio. From now on, prospective customers in the BMW Premium Selection range will be able to enjoy a seamless financing pre-approval process with the BMW Engage platform – including calculating monthly instalment, generating a quotation, submitting an application and obtaining pre-approval.

Tobias Eismann, Managing Director of BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia said, “When BMW Engage was introduced early this year, it was a reverberation of our commitment to our loyal customers to continue delivering the Premium Ownership Experience – no matter the distance. The digital feature became a timely and necessary solution for customers during that period of physical divide at the height of the pandemic, and it continues to further enhance their purchasing journey.”

He added, “As we enter a new normal, we are proud to extend BMW Engage to the pre-owned vehicle segment by expanding its coverage to the BMW Premium Selection portfolio. At the same time, we are also proud that through this, we are able to extend another avenue for customers to join us in our ongoing efforts to assist the B40 community in attaining the highest level of safety for their children while on the road, via the BMW Safety 360° subsidy programme.”

BMW Engage is a fully-digitalised financing application platform that enables customers to tailor the financing of their BMW vehicle to their own needs, and to apply for financing pre-approval through a contactless process from the comfort of their own homes.

Until 31st December 2020, BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia will contribute RM100 to the BMW Safety 360° subsidy programme on behalf of their customers for every contract funded through BMW Engage. The contribution helps ensure B40 families in Malaysia are able to provide the highest level of safety for their child while on the road.

The BMW Premium Selection range of models can be browsed through at To access the BMW Engage platform, please visit