The All-New BMW S 1000 XR and Teases the Arrival of the All-New BMW R18

BMW Motorrad Malaysia introduced the All-New BMW S 1000 XR – a gamechanger in the Adventure Sports motorcycle segment. The premium motorcycle maker also teased the arrival of its iconic big-boxer cruiser, the All-New BMW R 18 on the BMW Motorrad Malaysia online booking platform.

Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Every step BMW Motorrad takes is another step towards uncharted innovation. We take pride in our sophisticated engineering precision to present the ultimate riding experience on both the road and the racetrack. The All-New BMW S 1000 XR raises the bar with its incredible agility and versatility, while opening up a whole new dimension in the Adventure Sport segment. The All-New BMW R 18, on the other hand, is in a league of its own. The new large capacity boxer cruiser combines many iconic hallmarks in the history of BMW Motorrad and modernises the ride with its uniquely bold character.”

Owen Riley, Head of BMW Motorrad Malaysia said, “With a newly-developed engine and suspension, the All-New BMW S 1000 XR succeeds in long distance performance thanks to a 10kg reduction in weight. The variant also features a sporty aggressiveness that is familiar with RR line of motorcycles from BMW. For the All-New BMW R 18, nothing would roar louder than its 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer engine – which is the highest displacement boxer than BMW has ever built - sitting at the core of this cruiser. A much-anticipated engineering marvel in the premium motorcycle industry.”

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR new variant features even lighter, faster and more versatile characteristics for better long-distance performance, such as a new lightweight exhaust system and a newly-developed suspension featuring Flex Frame – significantly improving the ergonomics of the variant.

The All-New BMW R 18, which arrives in Malaysia as the BMW R 18 First Edition, is a true BMW cruiser that is full of character, surrounding the highest displacement BMW boxer engine and timeless design features such as the white double striping. This exclusive model will be limited to only 18 units in Malaysia.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR.
The All-New BMW S 1000 XR features a new layout for the main frame, fuel tank flanks and body parts in the seat area which provides better support and an improved knee grip. A state-of-the-art design achieves optimum ergonomics for the new variant via a newly defined ergonomic triangle between the handlebar, seat surface and footrests.
The front view of the new variant is crafted to suit the dynamic streamline silhouette to present agility and character along with a uniquely curved seating proportion for maximum support. Standard offerings include an integrated Pannier Holder, a toll card compartment as well as storage compartment underneath the seat. The new variant also comes with optional features that have now been made standard, including the main centre stand, hand protection guard as well as heated grips.

Featuring a weight reduction of 10 kg compared to its predecessor, the All-New BMW S 1000 XR also comes equipped with turn indicators and rear light unit, the headlight features the latest LED technology with two symmetrically arranged LED units each for low beam, high beam and parking light. Adaptive cornering lights have been designed with precision to enhance illumination of the road at night when cornering. For enhanced recognition of the vehicle during the day, the Headlight Pro DRL (Daytime Riding Light) is integrated as a standard feature into the bike.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR will be available in two colours: Ice Grey and Racing Red.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR is powered by a newly developed in-line four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 999cc and an increased maximum output of 121 kW / 165 hp at 11,000 rpm, with a top speed of 200km/h. The new adventure sports motorcycle also features a maximum torque of 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm, consuming 6 litres of fuel per 100 km of travel. Compared to the predecessor model, the 4th, 5th and 6th gear now have longer ratios in order to reduce noise, fuel consumption and engine speed level. In addition to a smoother and self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch, the All-New BMW S 1000 XR now features the electrically controlled engine drag torque control (MSR) to prevent the rear wheel from slipping as a result of an abrupt throttling or downshifting.

The new adventure sports motorcycle is engineered with four riding modes as standard – Rain, Road, Dynamic and Dynamic Pro. For the first time, the Dynamic Pro mode can be fully configured to offer a wide range of setting options. The All-New BMW S 1000 XR is equipped with the latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and DTC Wheelie function which can be configured separately. In enhancing safety measures when braking in banking position, the ABS Pro provides a fortified degree of performance and safety to provide extreme riding pleasure. The All-New BMW S 1000 XR also includes the Hill Start Control Pro as standard to offer support on steep inclines.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR performs impressively with its formidable cruise control and completely new and lighter suspension with directly articulated suspension strut featuring Flex Frame. The frame and swinging arm of the new variant is now 2.1 kg lighter while having a more pronounced load-bearing engine. The new double-sided swinging arm also reduces unsprung masses by 1.6 kg.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR is equipped with the latest generation of BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), providing a dynamic riding experience with a distinctive level of riding comfort. Dynamic ESA Pro is available with two damping modes of Road and Dynamic, along with the automatic load compensation. The new variant also features the dynamic brake assistant DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) to provide support to the rider during braking manoeuvres. For more convenience, the new variant also features an integrated Keyless Ride function.

The completely redeveloped instrument panel of the All-New BMW S 1000 XR displays an extended range of information on a large 6.5-inch TFT screen, excellent for optimum visibility even in difficult lighting conditions. The Pure Ride screen has all the information required for regular riding on the road including vehicle status overview, while the Core screen displays banking position, braking and traction control. A practical arrow navigation system with app is also included as standard. The All-New BMW S 1000 XR TFT display can be conveniently operated from the handlebars using the Motorcycle Multi Controller.

The new adventure sports motorcycle is also available with optional accessories including Panniers, Top Case and Soft Bags for storage, Carbon Fiber Crash Bars, M Machined parts and Low, Tall or Tinted Windshield.

The All-New BMW S 1000 XR will be available at all authorised BMW Motorrad dealerships nationwide.

The All-New BMW R 18.
Limited to only 18 units in Malaysia, the All-New BMW R 18 large capacity classic boxer features the First Edition logo with pin stripe design on gloss black paint – invoking an unparalleled sense of style and edge. The new cruiser’s impressive presence is further elevated by the Chrome handle bars, shifter lever, handle end caps, cylinder head covers and crank covers as well as air intake.

The luxurious cruiser offers clear illumination with the full LED headlight, as well as LED rear and brake lights included in the rear indicators. The high-quality ‘Machined’ engine housing cover made of milled aluminium, created in collaboration with Roland Sands Design, features an attractive colour contrast between black and silver. The All-New BMW R 18 also features double striping and chromed design elements.

Powering the All-New BMW R 18 is the biggest displacement boxer engine BMW has ever built. The air/oil-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine with two chain-driven camshafts placed above the drive shaft bears a capacity of 1,802 cc capable of a maximum torque of 158 Nm at 3000 rpm and maximum speed of 180km/h.

The All-New BMW R 18 is also equipped with electronic intake pipe fuel injection with twin-spark ignition. Fuel consumption of the new cruiser is 5.6 litres per 100km of travel. Emission control is offered via a regulated three-way catalytic converter. The alternator in the All-New BMW R 18 is a 600W permanent magnet generator paired with a maintenance-free 12 V/26 Ah battery.

Power is transmitted to the new cruiser via a single-disk dry clutch with a 6-gear shifting claw transmission in a separate transmission housing. The secondary open, nickel-plated driveshaft, meanwhile, puts focus on the torque. In terms of suspension, the new cruiser comes with a double-cradle steel frame with screwed-on under beams. The front suspension is offered via the classic telescopic fork with fork sleeves and cantilever suspension strut with travel-dependent damping. In the rear is the steel swinging fork with central shock strut.

A 300mm twin disk brake with 4-piston fixed callipers in front is also standard to the All-New BMW R 18, with single disk brakes in the rear. The BMW Motorrad Integral Anti-Lock Braking System (partially integral) is also available to prevent wheel lock in hard braking situations. The new cruiser is also equipped with the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and features three riding modes: Rock, Roll and Rain.

The All-New BMW R 18 is also fitted with a specifically designed circular instrument with multifunctional display. The circular instrument features an analogue speedometer display for a classic style. As with other BMW Motorrad models, the Keyless Ride system also replaces the conventional ignition steering lock in the All-New BMW R 18.

The new cruiser now features the reverse gear and lockable fuel filter cap as standard. To further personalise the All-New BMW R 18, owners also have the option to accessorise with a variety of wheel seats, handlebars, valve covers, engine breast plate, luggage range as well as the engine protection bar, amongst other optional accessories.

The All-New BMW R 18 First Edition will be available from October 2020. However, advance online reservation is now open at

Financial Services.
With the Financing Plan from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, ownership of the All-New BMW S 1000 XR starts from RM1,969.00 per month, while the All-New BMW R 18 First Edition starts from RM2,525.00 per month. This is based on estimates of 80% loan on a 5-year tenure.

Owners can also enjoy additional benefits with the All-New Industry-Leading Premium Engine Oil Inclusive, Service Inclusive and Warranty Extension Programmes by BMW Motorrad Malaysia. For more information on the programmes, please visit

The retail price and recommended retail price* (on the road, without insurance, and with BMW Motorrad Malaysia’s All-New 3-Year Warranty and 3-Year Roadside Assistance Programmes) for the All-New BMW S 1000 XR and the All-New BMW R 18 First Edition respectively are:
The All-New BMW S 1000 XR: RM121,500.00
The All-New BMW R 18 First Edition: RM156,500.00*