Caltex Announces First Two GreenRE Platinum-Certified Service Stations in Malaysia

Chevron Malaysia Limited which markets the Caltex™ retail brand in Malaysia, achieved notable recognition for two of its Caltex stations located at Ayer Keroh PLUS R&R Southbound and Northbound. Both stations were the first in Malaysia to receive the Platinum certification under the Existing Non-Residential Building category. The certifications were awarded by GreenRE, Malaysia’s leading green-building certification body, which is recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Chevron wants to advance a lower-carbon future for its operations. The GreenRE certified Caltex service stations represent a station model focused on cost efficiency in lowering carbon intensity, in support of our business.

With a stringent scoring system, GreenRE undertakes an assessment of a development’s measures in place and the development must acquire an overall score of 90 points and above to obtain the GreenRE Platinum certificate. As part of the assessment, the two Caltex stations achieved high scores in six environmental impact categories: Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Sustainable Operation and Management, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Other Green Features and Carbon Emission of Development. (Refer to Annex A for details)

Chevron retrofitted the two Caltex stations with new features to improve energy efficiency, reduce water use, and enhance the comfort and quality of the space. For example, the large canopy was utilized by installing solar panels on the roof top to generate power for the station’s own consumption.

In 2021, both stations achieved an energy savings of over 50% (or equivalent to 181,000kWh* collectively) through their energy-efficient design and solar photovoltaic panels.

The water used for daily operations is managed more efficiently by installing water-efficient fixtures to conserve potable water and installing a rainwater harvesting tank to use alternative water sources for tasks such as irrigating the station’s landscape.

Other features present at the stations are high efficiency light-emitting diode lighting and air-conditioners, Energy Measuring System, low volatile organic compound paints, temperature control capabilities, recycling bins and waste management, smart water metering system as well as water efficient fittings.

Jay Gomez, Country Chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited said, “We are honoured to receive the highest accreditation from GreenRE. The accomplishment represents a future model for service stations that can be expanded throughout the Caltex network, as we look at solutions to operate with improved efficiencies in energy and water management.”

Datuk Seri FD Iskandar, GreenRE Chairman congratulated Chevron on the impressive work they put into the two Caltex stations, “I am pleased to see what both stations were able to accomplish and be awarded as the first two Platinum-certified service stations in Malaysia. The Chevron team worked very diligently to ensure high scores were met in all the six environmental impact categories. We look forward to collaborating with Chevron to pave the way with well-designed Caltex service stations that are future-ready for Malaysia’s Sustainability Roadmap.”

*Source for calculation - Based on electricity consumption and renewable energy (solar) regenerated at both stations in 2021