Castrol Celebrates Malaysian Mechanics with the Launch of ‘Hari Mekanik Malaysia’

Castrol Malaysia, which is part of the world’s leading lubricant brands, launched the ‘Hari Mekanik Malaysia’, an initiative aimed at recognising and giving thanks to the unsung heroes in our lives; our mechanics. This comes following the success of the ‘Castrol Super Mechanic Contest’ which was held in 2017 & 2018 with the primary aim of giving mechanics a platform to upskill themselves whilst competing amongst each other.

“Mechanics play a significant role in not only restoring vehicle performance but also ensuring the safety of the drivers, riders, passengers and pillions in vehicles. This celebration recognises the contributions by mechanics to the automotive industry in the country,” said Keow Mei-Shan, the Marketing Director of Castrol Malaysia & Singapore.

The campaign, which kick-starts in November 2019 until September 2020, includes a series of events i.e. roving cars visiting workshops in major cities nationwide. Members of the public would be encouraged to nominate their favourite mechanic via online nomination process. Nominators, under the car & truck category, would win a one-year free service equivalent to 4 bottles of 4-liter Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 if their nomination produces a winner, whilst nominators under the motorcycle category would win six bottles of one-liter Castrol POWER1 10W-40 if their nomination produces a winner.

Castrol offers an exclusive promo of RM30 off the total bill when the car is serviced at any Castrol Auto Service workshops or RM3 off the total bill when the motorcycle is serviced at any Castrol Bike Point workshops through participation of online activities during the campaign period.

The launch of Castrol Hari Mekanik Malaysia will be held on 18 March 2020, marking its first celebration for the mechanics. From the nominations received, 10 mechanics from the car & truck and the motorcycle categories each would be shortlisted based on three rounds of short-listing process.

In the preliminary round, the nominated mechanics will be required to answer a series of online questions designed specifically to test their professionalism, attitude and qualities that would qualify them as an ‘Unsung Hero’. The top 20 nominees with the highest score will be shortlisted for the second round and only 15 individuals from each category will be shortlisted into the final round by an automotive professional body after conducting an evaluation with a set of criteria.

In the final round, members of the public will be called to vote and the top 10 winners each from the car & truck and the motorcycle categories would be presented the coveted 'Castrol Unsung Heroes’ Award and trophies. Winners in the car & truck category will also be rewarded with an automotive training course to elevate their skills, competencies and abilities at the School of Skills.

Keow Mei-Shan said that Castrol is here to serve every vehicle owner, driver and motorcyclist in the country.

“We want to acknowledge the importance of mechanics - the unsung heroes who leave a positive impact in our everyday lives. The key areas requiring attention is longevity and continuity and therefore we want to enhance the profile and empower the mechanics community through this campaign. We hope this will inspire others to contribute to the Malaysian community, as mechanics do every single day,” she added

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