Castrol Kicks Off Annual Event With Castrol Hari Mekanik Malaysia 2022

Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands, is back for the fourth consecutive year with a unique celebration of Castrol Hari Mekanik Malaysia (HMM) on 18th March 2022. This year’s event – the only one of its kind in Malaysia – takes on a unique theme: ‘The Game Changers’, in honor of the unsung heroes of every vehicle owner’s life.

As has been the story of Castrol Hari Mekanik Malaysia since the beginning, this marks an extension of Castrol’s efforts in paying tribute to the mechanics of Malaysia, a deserving community that has been a backbone of the brand for many years. Castrol HMM 2022 will be a fully virtual experience, with various activities planned, including social media contests, jersey giveaways and engagement with influential KOLs.

To take things a step further, Castrol HMM 2022 marks the first-ever collaboration opportunity with the English Premier League (EPL), in line with the theme. As the most-watched football league in the world, the EPL is broadcasted in 212 territories to 643 million homes, with a potential TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers. The league brings together millions of fans worldwide like no other; and Malaysia is no exception.

This collaboration explores the dynamics of mechanics and footballers as kindred spirits, with the same drive and hard work to strive to live their passion and achieve their goals. Mechanics, like the rest of us, love and enjoy football, which has been a big part of the Malaysian lepak culture for years. Castrol hopes to alleviate the love and respect the people of Malaysia have for our mechanics via this partnership with the EPL.

To commemorate the event, Castrol will be giving away exclusive Castrol X EPL merchandise, which include jerseys, caps, and flasks. This merchandise will also be a part of the social media contest. With an aim to provide social media users an avenue to channel their loyalty to Castrol and love for football, Castrol hopes to get to the masses with a nationwide reach, therefore encouraging more participants to celebrate our local mechanics. Participants of the contest will have to snap a photo of themselves in their favourite football jersey or Castrol t-shirt with either their car or bike and with the background of any Castrol branded workshop; and proceed to post their photo on Facebook or Instagram with the caption of thanking or appreciating their mechanic. The most liked Facebook or Instagram post with the hashtags #CastrolHariMekanik and
#CastrolEPL will win exclusive Castrol X EPL merchandise.

“Castrol is proud to have selected “The Game Changers” theme for 2022 as a tribute and respect to our local mechanics. This year’s celebration is extra special for us, as we have EPL joining us in honouring our mechanics. In the past few years, the pandemic has affected the lives of many of us. The mechanic community, despite facing the loss of livelihood due to various economic restrictions, soldiered on and performed their duty in attending to our vehicles with dedication, and meticulousness. We are grateful to Malaysia’s mechanic community, along with the other frontliners, for having our back during trying times,” said Keow Mei-Shan, Marketing Director of Castrol Malaysia & Singapore.