The Proton X50 Arrives On Flux

The most anticipated car launched in Malaysia this year, the Proton X50, is now available for reservation on Flux. Malaysia’s premier all-inclusive month- ly car subscription service offers the X50 in Flagship or Premium specification with a choice of Snow White, Jet Grey and Passion Red colours.

Starting from just RM1,995 per month for a 36-month subscription with an X50 Flagship, this low subscription fee includes road tax, insurance, maintenance and wear & tear. Flux’s Concierge service delivers a door-to-door service and is also on hand for all your maintenance and documentation needs. In addition to this, all Flux cars come with 24/7 nationwide unlimited roadside assistance, emergency dispatch services and car theft recovery.






Upfront Fee
Downpayment @ 10% RRP
Start Fee

RM 10,739
RM 10,739

RM 3,093

RM 3,093



Monthly Fee
Monthly Loan Repayment @2.5% p.a. [1}
Monthly Subscription Plan @36 Months

RM 1,812

RM 1,812

RM 1,995

RM 1,995


First Year Ownership Costs
Insurance [2}
Road Tax
Maintenance and Wear & Tear {3]

RM 6,140
RM 3,735
RM 120
RM 2,285

RM 0


Total First Year Spend

RM 38,623

RM 27,033 [4}


Love your X50 and want to keep it at the end of your subscription? With Flux your X50 can be purchased after 3 years at an attractive and transparent guaranteed future value (GFV) of RM78,000 under Flux’s Subscribe to Own programme.

Missed out on an early booking and don’t want to wait 3 - 6 months to get your hands on an X50? Beat the queue and get your car within 7 days of an approved reservation. Leave the hassle of selling your current car with us, the Flux Concierge team will get your car evaluated on your behalf and assist you with the transaction at a price agreeable to you.

The Proton X50 is also available for corporate subscription through Flux Busi- ness Class. Contact Flux Customer Service or submit an enquiry through the Flux website to discover more about the exceptional value and other benefits of subscribing to an X50 via your organisation.

Go online to and reserve your Proton X50 today to start driving before the New Year. For more information, contact Flux Customer Service at or 03 6411 5611.

[1]5-year loan, 10% downpayment at 2.5% interest rate.
[2] Comprehensive insurance inclusive of special peril and windshield coverage.
[3] Source: Annualised Maintenance and Wear & Tear - Authorised Proton Service Center and forecasts.
[4] Monthly Fee and Total First Year Spend after 6% service tax will be RM2,094 and RM28,361 respectively.