GAZOO Racing goes into high gear with the introduction of the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup

With two races already completed and another four to go in the Vios Challenge, GAZOO Racing and UMW Toyota Motor is stepping into high gear with the introduction of the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup which will offer another five races this year to make it 11 races for Toyota in 2022.

The Vios Sprint Cup is run independently of the Vios Challenge, and will feature two rounds within the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) with each round offering two races. The Vios Sprint Cup will also retain the format of a one-make series as in the Vios Challenge, to ensure a level playing field where the emphasis will be on race craft, driving skills and experience.

Round 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup will be held from 20-22 May at the Sepang International Circuit, followed by Round 2 in July at the same venue, while the season finale Vios Enduro Cup will coincide with prestigious Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race (S1K) in November.

A total of 26 cars will line up on the grid for the Vios Sprint Cup with each car consisting of two drivers. To make things interesting and to level the playing field even more, the pairing of drivers must be made up of the combination of professionals, amateurs, celebrities and rookies as per the Vios Challenge classes for Super Sporting (professionals), Sporting (amateurs), Promotional (celebrities) and Rookies (young and new drivers). The race weekend will consist of two 1-hour races.

Race 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup on Saturday will see both drivers driving in two separate qualifying sessions, and the faster driver required to start the 1-hour race before making a mandatory pit stop for a driver change.

In Race 2 on Sunday, the slower driver of the pair will start the 1-hour race and again required to make a mandatory pit stop for a driver change. Race 2 will also be started as a reverse grid order based on the results of Race 1.

The overall champion in each of the two races stand to win RM10,000 cash, followed by RM8,000 for the first runner up, RM6,000 to the third place winner, and RM4,000 and RM2,000 for the fourth and

fifth place winners respectively. In total, the Vios Sprint Cup offers prize monies amounting to RM60,000 per round.

The Vios Enduro Cup in November meanwhile, will see Toyota drivers competing over 1000 km in the race that is expected to take nine hours covering 181 laps of the Sepang International Circuit.

Racers who wish to register their participation or for more enquiries about the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup can get in touch with our Race Management representative Ms Janet from Wing Hin Motorsports at 016-367 3300.

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Vios Sprint Cup

Round 1

2 races (1 hour)

20-22 May

Vios Sprint Cup

Round 2

2 races (1 hour)

22-24 July

Vios Enduro Cup

Endurance Race

1 race (1000 km-9 hours)