Goodyear Takes You Farther with the Assurance DuraPlus 2

Goodyear Malaysia has updated its Assurance DuraPlus range with the new Assurance DuraPlus 2, which comes with TredLife Technology that is designed to provide longer mileage and durability. Using innovative tread design, cavity shape and re-formulated long-lasting compound, the Assurance DuraPlus 2 tyres are capable of delivering tread life of up to 110,000 km*, without compromising on safety and performance.

Alex Ng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia, said: “At Goodyear, we have a strong commitment to constantly innovate. From being the first tyres on the moon to developing futuristic prototypes such as the Aero tyre for flying cars, we have always been at the forefront of tyre technology innovation, and the new Assurance DuraPlus 2 is undoubtedly the latest testimonial to this commitment. This tyre features some of our latest advancements, for example, an innovative tread pattern and re-formulated compound to offer extended tread life, optimum grip, and minimal road noise for absolute peace-of-mind.”

Innovative tread design
The tread pattern on the Assurance DuraPlus 2 comes with a symmetric design with a larger tread width. This allows a larger surface area of the tyre to be in contact with the road at any time, and also a higher level of flexibility to rotate in the event of irregular wear.

Additionally, an enhanced cavity shape helps to provide a more squarish and balanced footprint to evenly distribute contact pressure, leading to extended mileage. Narrow lateral grooves along the side of the tyres on the other hand, assist in reducing road noise caused by air pumping. Noise is further reduced with the use of rubber strips between the ply and liner to physically dampen any vibrations.

Re-formulated, long-lasting compound
Through an enhanced compound formula, the tyre’s tensile strength and wear resistance has been significantly improved, ensuring high mileage performance. The use of this compound is not only present throughout the tread, but also along the sidewall to offer long-term resistance against damage caused by environmental factors. Furthermore, the Assurance DuraPlus 2 uses a minimum of two layers of high modulus, low shrinkage ply material in the sidewall, which helps to ensure strong resistance to external impacts.

Benjamin Chong, Product Manager of Goodyear Malaysia added: “The new Assurance DuraPlus 2 features TredLife Technology, which is essentially a combination of the symmetrical tread pattern, improved compound and 2-ply construction throughout the tyre. These elements increase the overall durability of the tyre, to deliver unmatched mileage tread life, which is important in a country like Malaysia that has a variety of road conditions.”

The Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2 is now available at all Goodyear AutoCare centres across Malaysia, with sizes ranging from 13- to 16-inches retailing between RM136.00 to RM293.00.  

*Tire mileage projection as tested by Goodyear Testing Division in size 185/65R14 and 205/55R16 on roads in Thailand and actual mileage may vary due to type of terrain, quality of roads, vehicle, tire pressure and maintenance, climate, driving styles, usage patterns, etc.