HERE paves the way with HD mapping technology

HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, announced the start of mapping in Sarawak and Sabah with its sophisticated HERE True technology. This step signals the company’s foray into East Malaysia with the aim of achieving full coverage for the country, after having previously started mapping with HERE True cars in Peninsular Malaysia in 2015.

HERE True mapping technology captures real-world features with 360-degree high definition imagery. Using four wide-angle 24-megapixel cameras and a LiDAR system with rotating laser, a HERE True car measures the world in 3D. Its capabilities allow for map production of roads and highways, shops and businesses, and residential areas.

These data are then transformed into geometric locations and attributions for places which is then integrated into HERE products and services. More significantly, the technology will be used for the upcoming mapping of the Pan Borneo Highway, which stretches over a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers, completing in 2021.

“For the past 30 years, we have observed first-hand the key role that digital mapping and location technology have played in the development of people and societies. As such, we
have made it our mission to provide the richest and most accurate map data in the market for Malaysia. Today, we’re creating futuristic three-dimensional maps that contain tons of insights,” said Abhijit Sengupta, Director for SEA Product Operations, HERE Technologies.

“To this extent, we are pleased to bring HERE True technology to East Malaysia streets. We have been utilizing the HERE True technology in Peninsular Malaysia since 2015 producing outstanding results and now, the Pan Borneo Highway is set to be our first project in Sarawak and Sabah states which we will map in 3D. Highly precise maps based on HERE True technology allow for location intelligence to contribute to the development of smart cities and enable future transportation and logistics use cases. Most importantly, they are also critical and essential to autonomous driving as they bring safety, efficiency, convenience and comfort. Ultimately, they also help the car’s occupants trust what the car is doing.”

Other solutions were the HERE Open Location Platform (OLP), the collaborative big data platform from HERE to accelerate the development of innovative location-centric products, and HERE XYZ, a cloud-based, real-time location data management service. The HERE OLP is designed to allow developers and organizations across the globe to access its map infrastructure and technology and create new, differentiating and value-added location-centric products.

Meanwhile, HERE XYZ, a freemium service by HERE Technologies, is a collection of tools and APIs that enables everyone to easily manage map data and build great maps. Most importantly, HERE XYZ offers real-time live interaction with location data.

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