Hino Officially Launches the New HINO 700 Series Heavy-duty trucks

Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (HMSM) a subsidiary of Hino Motors, Ltd., launched its new HINO 700 Series heavy-duty trucks with 16-speed Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT) technology. The long-awaited feature for this series was finally introduced due to the high demand from fleet customers.

The launch was an exclusive event, officiated by the Managing Director and Executive Director; Atsushi Uchiyama and Dato’ Johnny Chan. Held at EX8 Venue Subang Jaya, the unveiling of the latest HINO 700 Series AMT models was witnessed by the invited guests; fleet customers, members of the media, authorised dealers and Hino family members.

Focused on the new variation of HINO 700 Series models; 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 Prime Mover, guests were given the opportunity to feel the comfort of the new truck and got to preview the new HINO 700 Series AMT models up-close, and to join a networking session with the authorised dealers.

Heavy-duty Prime Mover market in Malaysia
Due to land routes and ground transportation being the main distribution mechanism for most logistics companies in Malaysia, the new HINO 700 Series AMT make them ideal delivery and heavy construction vehicles.

The Total Industry Volume (TIV) of heavy-duty Prime Mover trucks in the Malaysian market is approximately 1,200 – 1,700 units yearly, and the demand for heavy-duty trucks with automated-manual transmission is up to 50% more than manual transmission as automated-manual offers more advantages in terms of reduction of fuel consumption, improvement of driving comfort, and shifting quality.

“Hino is proud to have a long-standing number 1 position in the market in various segments, including light and medium-heavy commercial vehicles, as well as buses,” said Atsushi Uchiyama, Managing Director of HMSM.

“We are the only brand that produces a full line-up of commercial vehicles, and our flagship HINO 700 Series is now better than ever before with AMT technology, making them smarter, safer trucks for our customers. This launch marks a milestone in the company’s history as we widen our range and challenge new business areas.”

AMT - Improving Fuel Efficiency and Driver Safety
An ultimate combination of Japanese engineering and build, the three new models are a Complete Built-Up (CBU) truck made in Japan and promises genuine Japanese parts with QDR; Quality, Durability, and Reliability.

The new HINO new 700 Series AMT heavy-duty trucks are fitted to the 16-speed mechanical auto synchromesh ZF16 transmission with power assistance, making it easier to shift gears at higher speeds. It also helps to reduce driver fatigue from constant gear and clutch shifting, allowing for a more comfortable drive. This allows drivers to focus on the road without shifting gears for fuel-efficient driving. Drivers are also given the option to select a sequential manual transmission for on-demand shifting conditions.

Fitted with AMT, customers will also be able to sustain a lower operational cost through lower fuel consumption and clutch replacement cost, as the trucks manoeuvre through heavy traffic roads.

The new AMT function is designed to ensure driver comfort and ease of use with high safety elements. Likewise, the HINO 700 Series AMT is equipped with a powerful EURO 3 common-rail engine with turbo-charged intercooler and features a full-air brake system that improves braking responsiveness.

Hino products are always on the frontline and comply with the standard conditions by the Malaysia Government.  Although fully developed and manufactured in Japan, Hino vehicles can run B10 Biodiesel without any changes to components or service intervals, allowing environmentally conscious businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unprecedented Safety and Comfort
In addition to its new AMT technology, the HINO 700 Series comes with safety compliance and comfort features such as an optimised cab space for better visibility and operability; improved cab accessibility with the first step now connected directly to the chassis; antilock braking system (ABS) which controls the braking force of each individual wheel to prevent the wheels from locking; high rigidity door impact beams; new large reflector headlamps to enhance night-time visibility; and front under-run prevention (FUP).

The trucks are also fitted with high-functionality and air suspension seats that provide superior seating comfort. The three-dimensional (3D) seat with a body-cradling form is able to support the driver’s back and reduce fatigue on long road trips.

All these and more make the HINO 700 Series more than a truck - they are highly reliable, dependable business partners that customers can count on.

Hino - Total Support for Customers and Drivers
On top of that, the new HINO 700 Series AMT also promises longer maintenance lifecycle and better fuel consumption when its drivers are properly trained and certified at the Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC). This is part of the company’s total support concept, which aims to provide total support in after-sales for customers, maximise vehicle uptime, and minimise vehicle lifetime cost.

Hino’s design philosophy of quality, durability, and reliability permeates every HINO 700 Series AMT model, making them the best-in-class in the prime mover category. Hino has a wide service network across the country, allowing customers to quickly send their vehicles for repairs and maintenance when required. This is Hino’s strong commitment to improve road safety awareness and reduce traffic accidents.

Since the establishment of HMSM in 1977, the company has manufactured and provided the best-fit trucks and buses for the local industry and put on priority to customer feedback and explores diverse business fields. As Hino has safety as its main policy, through their extensive partnerships that training programmes are available to all truck and bus drivers at HTSCC.