Lim Tayar and TREVO is offering special year-end promotions

It is the holiday season! As we gear up to hit the road for a weekend getaway or to a hometown reunion with loved ones, TREVO is here to help you get your car ready, before you start your engine. With many cars seeing limited use earlier this year, getting our cars in tip-top shape prior to our holiday road trips is a must!

Lim Tayar and TREVO is offering special year-end promotions for its community of TREVO Hosts and TREVO Guard insurance customers, keeping their trips smoother on the journey to their dream destinations.

Here are the exciting offers from TREVO’s partnership with Lim Tayar that you can enjoy.
If you’re hosting your car on TREVO or are protected by TREVO Guard, you get a 15% discount on tyre change and 15% to 30% OFF on your Engine Lubricant change at Lim Tayar.

If you’re one of the first 30 TREVO Hosts or TREVO Guard customers to make a service appointment with Lim Tayar, you get a complimentary Buddy Driver to pick up your car for the service appointment and return the car when it’s done to a location of your choice. No hassle and no cost!

As Malaysia’s largest people-to-people car-rental marketplace, TREVO is always exploring new ways of adding more value to its community of mobility users, and in this instance, it is offering a key service benefit to its Hosts and TREVO Guard insurance customers.

The Lim Tayar partnership is especially timely during this year-end festive period, when TREVO Hosts can expect an increase in guest demand for their car rentals while TREVO Guard customers will get to service their cars in time for their holiday road trips.

As part of the TREVO community, whether as a guest who has access to more than 4,000 listed cars around Malaysia, or as a Host who can supplement their income by renting out their cars on a high-demand marketplace, or even as a TREVO Guard insurance customer enjoying cashback rewards and other benefits, all users can expect to Lift Their Life even more with TREVO!

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