Perodua Eco Challenge 2017 - Complementary to the academic curriculum

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO), both are part of the Perodua Eco Challenge 2017, is improving their respective teaching methodologies within their engineering school/faculty to create original parts or accessories for the car company’s models.

The best idea would then be considered to be commercialised and included in the automaker’s models, either existing or future models.

The change in current Perodua Eco Challenge format is really complementary to the academic curriculum as is highly beneficial to the faculty and the students. The methods shared by Perodua teaches the actual needs of the automotive industry and how that need evolve over time.

PUO said that exposing its students to the Perodua Eco Challenge has also help in their understanding of actual corporate world where multi-disciplines depend on each other for success.

“Communication is the key and the Perodua Eco Challenge has help our faculty and students to understand that concept a little better,” PUO said.

Both institutions have also adapted to the new ideas and methods shared by Perodua into their teaching techniques.

Also, for both institutions, the Perodua Eco Challenge also present another opportunity for revenue generation as the programme would open doors for collaboration between institutions of higher learning with automotive vendors and its original equipment manufacturers.