P2SA and PDA reaffirm their commitment to Perodua

The Perodua Suppliers Association (P2SA) and the Perodua Dealers Association (PDA) jointly congratulate Perodua on its 2019 record and reaffirm their commitment to the carmaker.

Perodua announced it has sold 240,341 vehicles in 2019, giving it nearly 40% of the Malaysian total industry volume (TIV) estimated at 604,775 units. The record sales figure constitutes a year-on-year jump of 13,098 units, or 5.8%.

“P2SA heartily congratulates Perodua on its record 2019. The huge sales contributes significantly to the Malaysian automotive eco-system, as all Perodua models have over 90% local content,” said P2SA President En Musa Zahidin Tan Sri Ahmad Zaidee.

“Last year, Perodua purchased RM5.4 billion worth of components from Malaysian suppliers. Due to a projected production increase, this year it expects to spend RM6 billion – a sizeable 11% jump.

“We thank Perodua very much for their support and commitment, and would like to say we are also highly committed to Perodua. We will continue to improve our members’ quality, cost and delivery for Perodua’s valued customers, Perodua as an organisation and Malaysia as a progressive nation,” he added.

“Perodua’s record 2019 sales is spectacular given the market uncertainties and rising competition, and its 2020 sales target of 240,000 units remains impressive,” PDA President En Khairul Nizam Ayob said.

To date, over 2,000 units of the 2020 Perodua Bezza, which launched only two weeks ago, have found homes out of an order tally of 15,000, which includes 8,000 converted orders for the previous model.

“As the Bezza’s unique upper-body is entirely the work of Perodua’s engineers and designers in Malaysia, the healthy demand for the 2020 Perodua Bezza is great news for us domestic automotive suppliers. We are committed to giving our best to this model to ensure its continued success,” En Musa said.

“The 2020 Perodua Bezza has generated an immense amount of interest since its launch, with footfall considerably increasing at our showrooms. With smart design, smart safety and a smart drive, we look forward to introducing this winning combination to Malaysians from all walks of life!” added En Khairul Nizam.