Perodua breaks new monthly sales and production records in October

Perodua registered 27,858 vehicles in October 2021, which previous record was set exactly 12 months before with 26,848 vehicles sold in October 2020, which is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records.

This new record comes with improved production and swift deliveries of vehicles to customers as the compact car manufacturer aims to deliver as many vehicles as possible in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“This achievement is our commitment towards our customers and represents a 90.67% increase from 14,160 units sold in September 2021. We are now working to further improve production especially for the rest of the year,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.

Of the 27,858 Perodua vehicles registered, 8,761 were Myvis, 5,973 were Axias, 5,257 Bezzas, 3,973 Ativas, 2,553 Alzas and 1,341 Aruz units.

In terms of production, October 2021 also saw the highest ever number of vehicles made with 29,803 units produced within a month.

He said that the 29,803-unit achievement was beyond Perodua’s current production capacity, yet the staff was able to boost their productivity with the same level of quality without new people, equipment or machinery

“We also are always mindful of both the safety and health aspect of our entire operations by ensuring that all our employees follow the COVID-19 prevention guidelines while at the same time ensuring that we go beyond all quality requirements,” Dato’ Zainal said.

Dato’ Zainal said the recently announced extension of the Tax Sales Exemption is most welcomed as it will allow the automotive ecosystem more room to recover from the recent lockdown as well as catch up with demand.

“The extension of the Tax Sales Exemption will also benefit everyone, from consumers to original equipment manufacturers to suppliers who is also affected by the global semiconductor supply shortage,” he added.

On a year-to-date basis, Perodua registered 146,951 units from January to October this year, which is 14.5% below 171,861 registered in the same period of 2020.