Proton Feature: Make Your #DudukRumah Ramadan-Raya Meaningful

The MCO has changed the way we do many things, including how we celebrate festivals. Take this month of Ramadan for instance, where the nightly tarawih prayers in the mosques and suraus are usually one of the highlights of the holy month, now done within the proximity of our homes. Despite further easing of the movement control order (MCO), Muslims in Malaysia are now preparing for a quiet celebration at home, foregoing the usual balik kampung tradition this Raya.

However, it doesn’t make it any less meaningful. While it may be challenging to adapt to the new normal of staying at home, there are many things that you can do to lighten up the mood. Here are some tips on how you can make this Ramadan-Raya period more rewarding.

Help the needy
Ramadan is a month of reflection, humility and generosity. In the spirit of Ramadan, you are encouraged to help through donations and charity work while empathising with others. In these challenging times, giving help to the people who need it most, with an increased need for food, clothing and essentials. These people do need a helping hand and you can reach out to them by approaching non-governmental organisations.

Send a care package
There is a saying in Bahasa Malaysia – jauh di mata, dekat di hati, which translates into ‘loved ones are still thought of even when they’re miles apart’. That’s exactly what we ought to tell our loved ones during this Ramadan-Raya period, whether it be our parents living in a different home, our extended family or a significant other. One way you can bridge the gap is by sending them a care package. It can be your specially cooked rendang, their favourite kuih raya or even chocolates. This would surely cheer them up and remind them that despite the distance, you are thinking about them.

Have a virtual masak or lepak session with your loved ones
Food and gatherings are the main agenda behind every Hari Raya celebration. Even with social distancing in practicewe are stillable to share or participate in these activities with your loved ones, especially in this era where everyone can be connected digitally. Thanks to various video conferencing software, you are now able to participate in group video calls as you share cooking recipes, take part in anyam ketupat sessions or just have a normal catch-up with everyone.

Decorate a corner of your home for a photoshoot
Who doesn’t want to take selfies and family photos during a special occasion like Hari Raya? Looking glam and dressed up in your beautiful and handsome baju raya, it is a perfect excuse to post your OOTD on social media while spicing it up with Hari Raya wishes. With all the extra time you have, you can ramp up your photoshoot effort by decorating a corner or feature wall in your home as your preferred background setting. You even have a chance to explore your creative side by moving the furniture and arranging the props to make the background pleasing to the eye.

Send e-Duit Raya or e-Gift Cards
Hari Raya is not the same without gifts or duit raya. It is customary to bring gifts when visiting someone during Hari Raya and it is even a more joyous occasion for children (and sometimes unmarried adults) when they line up to receive money packets from the host. Despite the social distancing and the inability to visit one another, it doesn’t mean that you are unable to take part in this sincere act. Online shopping platforms now allow you to gift others e-Gift Cards, and there are various online banking platforms that allow you to give e-Duit Raya.
Seek forgiveness with an e-greeting card
Finally, is the purest Hari Raya tradition which would be the salam bermaaf-maafan session with your family. It is a beautiful moment where the young seek forgiveness from the elderly and is usually followed up with a warm embrace. While this is only possible within the confines of your home, you can still sincerely seek forgiveness from your other family and friends by sending them a customised e-greeting card. At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts.

In light of the festivities, PROTON would like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim friends a blessed Ramadan and a joyous Aidilfitri. To all Malaysians, be safe and always remember that we will overcome this rough patch and emerge stronger together. For more useful tips and information on our products and services, visit PROTON at