Toyota ECO Youth programme reaches successful conclusion

The Toyota Eco Youth (TEY), a programme jointly organized with the Malaysian Ministry of Education, is an annual Corporate Social Responsibility activities, aims to cultivate environmental awareness and instill good environmental habit in young Malaysians as they are the future caretaker of the environment.

In its 19th edition this year, TEY carries the theme ‘Be the Superhero to Save the World’. It incorporates elements from the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, a global initiative by Toyota Motor Corporation which aimed at going beyond zero environmental impact.

“Our business is not just confined to make ever better products that are safe and environmentally friendly. We also see it as our corporate social responsibility to help educate and instill love and care for the environment in the nation’s youth. One of the initiative is the Toyota Eco Youth programme which have been running since 2001,” said Mr. Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota Motor.

To date, UMWT has spent almost RM7 million on the TEY programme which has seen participation of 258 schools and 2,000 students.

Commenting on the achievement of the TEY, Mr. Ravindran said it is clear that continuation of the programme can help in environment-related issues that affect not just today’s generation but also those in the future.

12 schools from around Malaysia are participating in the programme which began in August this year.  Students and teachers from the schools attended a 3-day ‘boot camp’ held at the Dorsett Putrajaya to learn Toyota’s 8-Step Problem-Solving Methodology. This is an approach practiced by UMWT employees to solve various types of problems, including those involving the environment.

Each of the 12 schools received a RM2,000 grant to kick off their project. Drawing on what they had learnt, they had to go through a market validation phase where their ideas – in the form of a product or service - were implemented and tested with the community of choice, impacting the beneficiaries.

The programme reached its culmination yesterday when each team made their final presentation and pitched their ideas to a panel of judges comprising representatives from UMWT, the Ministry of Education and myHarapan. After reviewing each presentation carefully, the best submissions by four schools were announced by the panel judges as well as other prizes.  

For their impressive efforts, they received prizes ranging from RM10, 000 for the first prize; RM7, 000 for second prize; RM5, 000 for third prize and RM3, 000 for the fourth prize. There was also a consolation prize of RM1, 000 as well as other prizes of RM500 each for the best video presentation and best-supporting teacher.

Champion   - SMK Tamparuli, Sabah (RM10,000)
2nd Place    -SMK Toh Muda Abdul Aziz, Perak (RM7,000)
3rd Place     - SRI KDU Secondary School, Selangor (Rm5,000)
4th Place     - SMK Tunku Kurshiah, Negeri Sembilan (RM3,000)
5th Place     - SMK Yong Peng, Johor (RM2,000)

Best Video category:
SMK Yong Peng, Johor (RM1,000)

Most supportive teacher:
RM500 Cash Voucher, Mr Ernest Kelly Subin from SMK Tamparuli, Sabah



SMK Seksyen 10, Selangor

Eco Thursday


SMK Kamil, Kelantan



SMK Tunku Kurshiah, Negeri Sembilan

Penurapan Jalan Menggunakan Plastik yang dibuang


SMK Tun Perak, Selangor

Eco Top


SMK Toh Muda Abdul Aziz, Perak

Save Sungai Buluh Project - Aquabin


SMK Tamparuli, Sabah

Green Technology - Pisang Magnet & Buah Ozon


SMK Yong Peng, Johor

Using Fishpond Water for Agriculture


Sri KDU Secondary School, Selangor

Greenwall 2.0


SMK Seri Tanjong, Malacca

Water Filter at SST


Global Indian International School

Plastic Elimination at school


SMK Jalan Kebun, Selangor



Labuan International School, Labuan

Water Filter Kg. Patau-patau