Volvo Car Malaysia to Introduce a New Recharge Plug-In Powertrains in its 90 and 60 Series

Volvo Car Malaysia is introducing a newly improved Recharge plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain in all their Recharge T8 models for a longer electric range with better performance and driveability. 

Highlights of the new Recharge Plug-In Powertrain include:
>A new long-range battery of 18.8kWh from 11.6kWh;
>A new rear electric motor of 145hp compared to the previous 88hp;
>An increased EV range of up to 90km from the previous 40 to 49km;
>An improved CO2 performance; 
>An increased total power of 462hp compared to the previous 407hp.
>The One-Pedal Drive will be available on the XC60 and S90 PHEV models

In the new long-range battery, a third layer of cells is built in to increase nominal energy from 11.6kWh to 18.8kWh, delivering a more powerful rear electric motor of 145hp. The additional electric power provides an increased total power of 462hp, offering customers a greater electric range between 70 to 90km. This improvement allows customers to primarily drive on pure electric mode which would result in a cleaner commute with lower carbon emissions.

“Our new line of PHEVs will transform the way our customers experience electric driving,” said Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia. “The improved powertrain lets our customers drive sustainably at a longer distance, at the same time providing them with range confidence that fits the needs of their everyday lives.”

Based on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), the new powertrain will be featured on all of Volvo’s Recharge PHEV models which include the Volvo XC90, S90, XC60, S60 and V60 models. The XC60 and S90 PHEV models will also include the One-Pedal Drive settings, where customers are able to enjoy a seamless and intuitive drive when in stop-and-go traffic.  Known to be featured in Volvo’s pure electric models, the function offers a more effective battery regeneration and higher regenerative power that will improve fuel efficiency.

Alongside the new and improved features, Volvo Car Malaysia will be adjusting the prices of all of their vehicles from 1 May 2022 onwards. The price adjustment will start with Volvo’s current models of the XC40 T5, XC40 Recharge T5, XC60 B5, and XC90 B5 while the new line-up of the 90 and 60 series will be sold at the new price point upon rollout. The price for the current Recharge T8 models remains the same and will be sold while stocks last.

For more details on the new Recharge Plug-In Powertrain and car price adjustment, customers can contact any Volvo car authorised dealer or follow Volvo Car Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.