myTukar Rebrands for 2022: On a Mission to Focus on Customer Orientation and Smoothing the Used Car Market

myTukar, Malaysia’s fastest growing digital used car platform looks to focus on customer orientation and smoothening the used car marketplace for all users as its strategy for 2022. In conjunction with their 4th Anniversary, and foreseeing a rise in the used car market industry in the near future, myTukar is set to launch new initiatives, campaigns and on-ground events. In order to better reflect their vision and future direction, myTukar has rolled out an extensive creative rebranding plan.

"Innovation is the driver of success. With innovation, we can provide the most up to date services and best value to our customers. We intend on continuing our explosive growth and reach out to ever more customers. The key is a transparent and joyful customer journey." said Derrick Eng, myTukar's CEO.

“Despite the challenging business environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have grown exponentially and are now recognised as the go-to-place to buy and sell used cars. We have decided now is the best time to undertake and launch a string of new initiatives, to ensure we will be able to effectively meet the demands of the industry next year,” said Ashley Ngu, myTukar’s Head of Marketing.

In order to provide customers, the best value and assurance for its after-sales services, myTukar will soon be launching a state-of-the-art body and paint centre at UEP Subang Jaya and developing a R&D division. With these two new initiatives, the company will be able to increase their quality of vehicle refurbishment, reduce costs, and explore new and innovative methods and processes. Customers in return will be able to purchase higher quality used vehicles quicker, without paying a bomb.

Furthermore, in 2022, leveraging on their collaboration with TOC Automotive College, a pioneer in professional automotive education, myTukar is also looking to expand their team rapidly, onboarding 20 students per intake. Thus far, about 15 students have been integrated into myTukar from TOC’s first batch. The Company wants to onboard more like-minded individuals who look forward to bringing joy to the customer’s journey. Placing customers as the main priority, the new additions to the team are set to improve the professionalism and customer service of myTukar.

Rebranding Elements
In line with the Company's new strategy to drive growth and sales for the year 2022, myTukar has unveiled its first ever extensive rebranding initiative. Tasked with championing the rebranding of myTukar was Ashley Ngu, the brand’s Head of Marketing. “This is not just a creative rebrand of myTukar, with this initiative we want to focus on delivering quality customer experience, becoming an easy used car platform for customers.”

She further added, “Everyone wants, and deserves, a more straightforward, hassle-free process that they can trust to deliver on quality and assurance. This is where we, myTukar, come in. Our easy-to-use digital platform is the single-stop solution that connects buyers, sellers and dealers seamlessly. We have even put in place rigorous vetting measures to maintain the best vehicle standards and all-inclusive services customized to each customer. Through our streamlined processes, we will make sure your used car purchases and transactions are as smooth as early morning traffic.”

myTukar’s new tagline – Used Cars Made Easy symbolises how the platform aims to deliver a seamless and uncomplicated used car transaction experience. Depicted alongside an image of a ‘snapping finger, myTukar looks to lead the charge in the new age of mobility and car ownership through subverting stereotypes. The rebranding initiative encompasses changes in the brand’s colour palette, visual elements used and illustrations portrayed in relation to myTukar.

Ashley added “We want to make the selling and buying of used cars easy for our customers, enabling seamless and hassle-free transactions. As such, our tagline is ‘Used Cars Made Easy’ and our three brand elements: HAT – H: Honesty; A: Authencity; T: Transparency. Our signature shade of teal carries a refreshed appearance while maintaining a calming sense of reliability. We also have a new visual element – myTukar’s turquoise gradient Line.”

 Looking to become the region’s leading player, myTukar envisions establishing itself as a trustworthy platform for consumers. Moving forward, the brand looks to change people’s perception about used cars for the long run. myTukar aims to do this by introducing more quality and transparency to the purchasing journey. Thus, empowering customers in the process.

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