ALVA One Electric Motorcycle Support Mobility in Ring One B20 Area and G20 2022 Bali Summit

PT. Ilectra Motor Group (IMG), as a company that provides lifestyle mobility solutions through the ALVA Electric motorcycle brand, supports the mobility of the B20 and G20 2022 Summits by providing the ALVA One motorcycle and its driver in the Nusa Dua event area, Bali. The performance of the ALVA One makes it the only electric motorcycle that is trusted to support mobilization in key areas with hilly terrain. 

"The support provided by ALVA for the success of the B20 and G20 Summit activities in Bali as an effort to support the priorities of the 2022 G20 Indonesia Presidency in achieving the Net Zero Emission (NZE) target in 2060 or sooner," said Purbaja Pantja, President Director of IMG.

In this event, ALVA empowers Balinese people to lead the mobility or as driver of the ALVA One unit. The serving drivers have gone through several selection and safety training to provide comfort for the passengers.

ALVA also encourages the value of gender equality in this event through the presence of female drivers on the ALVA One motorcycle. Value equality is important for ALVA because apart from being the main value of the company, this value is also one of the topics that will be discussed  in the G20.

Rainier Haryanto as Managing Director of IMG explained "We believe in gender equality where everyone regardless of gender or age can become a "Game Changer" to support sustainability practices. Therefore, everyone can take any role in society, especially in the world of mobility solutions that ALVA focuses on.”

The B20 and G20 Summits is a unique achievement for ALVA because it is the moment when ALVA One officially hits the road after it was first launched at GIIAS in August 2022. ALVA One has obtained an official license plate and can legally be operated on the highway. This achievement is an important step before ALVA starts distributing motorcycles to its customers in November 2022.

“We are grateful for the government's support for the existence of ALVA as an electric motorcycle brand that is committed to developing electric vehicles in Indonesia. We believe that the B20 and G20 Summits are a valuable momentum that marks the spirit of being a game changer and transforming a better modern lifestyle." said Purbaja Pantja.

About ALVA
ALVA is a form of commitment of PT. Ilectra Motor Group (IMG), part of PT Indika Energy Tbk, to create a comprehensive lifestyle mobility solution. ALVA is a brand new electric motorcycle designed with a different concept compared to electric motorcycles in Indonesia today. All parts of the interaction with consumers, such as motorcycle, connectivity, after sales service, customer care, trade programs, warranty, customer service, supporting infrastructure, are all designed to work together to create a system that is able to answer all consumer mobility needs. For more information about ALVA, please visit