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July 2024

  • ORA 07 Paves Way for Affordable EV Sports Cars

    ELECTRIC Vehicle (EV) sports cars are no longer available only as high-end or ultra-premium range models if the Chinese automotive manufacturers could help it. As a global leading force in producing EVs, several automotive brands in China are already introducing mouth-watering sports cars without costing the earth.

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  • June 2024

  • VW Touareg R-Line Hits Home On Premium SUV Motoring

    THE Premium SUV (sport utility vehicle) market is a hotbed of activity where prospective customers are increasingly spoilt for choice. There is the super luxury class for the ultra-elite segment of society, the luxury range for the fat wallets and the premium range for the well-off folks.

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  • May 2024

  • Tank 300 & Haval H6 Hybrid: China Previews

    IT’S NOT often that you hear of luxury SUVs (sport utility vehicles) from China apart from the BEVs (battery electric vehicles). Well, GWM (Great Wall Motor) is going to change that when it introduces the Tank 300 in Malaysia shortly.

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  • Multiple Award Winner Kia EV9 Arrives

    THE age of EVs (electric vehicles) is very much upon us and the Korean carmakers are making sure that they are right on the ball. Kia, for one, already has a multiple award winner in its EV9 SUV (sport utility vehicle) and its accolades include being selected as the 2024 World Car and World EV of the Year.

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  • April 2024

  • Ferrari’s Leisure Open-Top Drive in the Roma Spider

    DRIVING a Ferrari along the twisty Balik Pulau road in Penang has to be a great dream. And there we were recently driving the Roma Spider with the soft-top down, enjoying the wind rustling our hair as we took to the series of corners at a leisurely trot.

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  • Top Flight Mercedes-Benz Luxury Showcase

    TOP flight motoring options just got better with four new alternatives from Mercedes-Benz – a Maybach SUV (sport utility vehicle), an AMG S-Class, an updated premium SUV and a dazzling coupé. You couldn’t ask for a more varied option that panders to the respective tastes, each with a top dollar price to match.

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  • March 2024

  • Mercedes-Benz C 200 Lives Up to Top Billing in CKD Package

    THE Mercedes-Benz C-Class is said to be the best-selling model series over the last 10 years in Malaysia. Since it first took shape as the Mercedes-Benz 190, the German premium carmaker says more than 10.5 million of the C-Class were delivered globally since 1982.

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  • Contemporary Styling Keeps Latest Mazda CX-5 Flying

    THE Mazda CX-5 remains a strong favourite among Malaysian SUV (sport utility vehicle) owners, even in its latest version, due to its contemporary styling. Rivals makes might have gone through complete design updates but few have achieved the same timeless look as the Mazda CX-5.

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  • February 2024

  • Going full hybrid with the Mercedes-Benz C 350 e

    MERCEDES-BENZ took the initial step of going ‘electric’ with the C 200 that was launched two years ago featuring a second-generation integrated starter-generator (ISG) to qualify as a mild hyrbid. It uses a 48-volt electrical system for ‘intelligent assistance’ at low engine speeds that includes boosting or energy recovery to make ‘significant’ fuel savings possible.

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  • Mercedes-Benz E 200 Well Up To Mark in Executive Motoring

    THE Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the model that bear the three-pointed star prominently as an executive sedan in the world market. Given its successful grounding over the years since its early days in the late 1940s, the E-Class had been poised to clearly reflect a person’s social standing.

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  • January 2024

  • New Macan’s Electrifying World Premiere

    THE new Porsche Macan made an electrifying start to its World Premiere in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore to become the second fully electric Porsche model and first electric SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) in its range. For sure, Porsche is showing its EV (electric vehicle) capability by featuring the entry-level SUV as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

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  • 2023

    December 2023

  • Mercedes SUVs deliver solid drive, whether electrically or engine powered

    THE joy of car ownership is often in the driving, whether it is an entry level model or a premium one. It is a decisive factor after acquiring the vehicle based on its looks, price, social features and product support in servicing and spare-parts.

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  • Feature-Laden New Honda CR-V Gets More Premium

    THE latest Honda CR-V SUV (sport utility vehicle) has arrived, fully laden with more safety equipment and improved features in a newly designed styling package that’s bound to turn heads. It has grown bigger to complement the longer wheelbase and the top turbo model V comes standard with All-Wheel Drive.

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  • Sixth-Gen Honda CR-V Continues Winning Ways in Chiangmai

    THERE is a reason why almost 130,000 Honda CR-Vs have found a sweet spot with Malaysian SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) owners since it was introduced here. Right from the start, it has the looks, performance and social functionality that seemed to gel with Malaysian vehicle owners.

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  • October 2023

  • Audi Offers Sporty Driving with RS e-tron GT

    THE sporty side of EV (electric vehicle) driving is taking shape quickly to entice those who wish to do their part for the environment without losing the pleasure of fast and dynamic driving. In that respect, Audi has its wide range of e-tron models to pander a fair selection of the local market.

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  • September 2023

  • Honda WR-V Lives Up To Expectations in Langkawi

    HONDA appears to have struck gold here with its entry-level WR-V, completing the SUV (sport utility vehicle) family. Since its launch in July, more than 3200 Winsome Runabout Vehicles (WR-Vs) were delivered to eager owners desiring a compact SUV to reflect their mobile lifestyle. This is slightly less than half of the 7000-plus bookings that were received.

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  • August 2023

  • Exploring Potenza Sport’s Potential at Sepang

    THE Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a flagship tyre launched in August 2021 to replace the Potenza S007A. Yes, you read that right; this tyre was launched two years ago. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bridgestone Tyres Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd decided to keep a low profile on the tyre till now.

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  • Dolphin Offers Best of Both Worlds

    IT’S hardly surprising that the BYD Dolphin has arrived to an overwhelming response in Malaysia. Being highly affordable for an EV (electric vehicle) doesn’t mean the potential Malaysian buyer is shortchanged on product features and equipment.

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  • Proton X90 Gets Going With Electric Power Assistance

    IT WAS only a matter of time that the Proton SUV (sport utility vehicle) range gets a new flagship and sure enough, the X90 came along to take over from the X70. What was a little surprising was that it came only with 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo power with no bigger non-turbo engine displacement alternative as that available for the X70.

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  • July 2023

  • Build Your Electric Dreams With Well-Priced Dolphins

    LOOKS like EVs (electric vehicles) are now coming within the reach of more buyers with the latest model from BYD (Build Your Dreams), the Dolphin. No, BYD is not selling you a fish but a neat hatchback that is as spacious as it is forward looking.

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  • Tesla Hits Town With Best-Selling Model Y

    TESLA has bucked the automotive world with its bold EV (electric vehicle) move in the early 2000s, gaining strong momentum over the years to achieve an annual sales volume of more than a million in 2022. The Model Y is one of its best movers and is the obvious choice to make Tesla’s entry into the Malaysian market.

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  • Honda Rides on ‘New Wave’ with WR-V SUV

    GIVEN the current preference for SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), it’s a matter of time before more options are introduced to pander the trend. This was obviously not lost on Honda Malaysia and the result is the new WR-V or Winsome Runabout Vehicle that would complete its SUV range nicely as the entry-level model.

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  • Kia Expands Malaysian Product Range with Niro EV

    Kia distributor Dinamikjaya Motors Sdn Bhd has followed up on the Kia EV6 with the latest second-generation Niro Crossover EV (electric vehicle). Beside expanding the Kia vehicle range in Malaysia, the entry of the Niro EV gives the market more choice in picking an EV to pander the respective taste and preference.

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  • June 2023

  • Mercedes A-Class Facelift Sepang Experience

    THE Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the entry level model and since it was introduced as a saloon, it has gained wider acceptance from prospective buyers while the younger and outgoing set leans towards the more powerful AMG models. We got an insight in both the mundane and exciting part of the latest A-Class that has undergone a facelift exercise at the Sepang International Circuit.

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  • Powerfully exciting Mercedes-AMG EV sedans

    GOING fully electric doesn’t mean taking the fun out of driving if Mercedes-AMG has anything to do with it. While Mercedes-Benz Malaysia had been introducing its respective range of EVs (electric vehicles) here in AMG Line trim, the launch of the AMG EQS 53 and EQE 53 ups the ante on powerful EV options for the well-heeled to consider.

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  • April 2023

  • Lotus Goes Mainstream in Sporty Style with Eletre EV

    HOPPING onto the SUV (sport utility vehicle) bandwagon could be a difficult choice for a brand that’s dedicated to only making sports cars. But when you see others going so-called mainstream by producing their unique SUV range, such as the Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari’s upcoming SUV, you couldn’t go wrong heading ...

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  • Top-Selling Mercedes GLC Gets Complete Makeover

    IF YOU have been waiting for a completely new Mercedes-Benz GLC to come along, your wish is finally granted. Make no mistake, the Mercedes-Benz GLC has been a top seller here in its category with more than 12,000 vehicles sold since it landed on our shores in 2016. Globally, its numbers are even more impressive ...

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  • March 2023

  • Preview of Next-Gen Triton At Bangkok Motor Show

    THE recent 44th Bangkok Motor Show dazzled with several fascinating displays that were definitely of interest to Malaysian car buyers. This included the preview of the next-generation Mitsubishi Triton along with the latest Honda CR-V and Toyota Hilux.

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  • Honda Still On A Roll for 2023

    THE excitement at Honda continues into 2023 with the impending launch of appealing new models and a facelift in the pipeline. Adding to that are the new 2S (Service and Spare-parts) centres, strengthening ‘key pillars’ in its model portfolio and boosting its e:HEV (hybrid) footing in the Malaysian market.

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  • Honda Civic e:HEV Just As Frugal On Highway Drives

    THE strength of a hybrid vehicle is in its excellent fuel frugal ways in urban driving due to electric power being applied most of the time. This urban aspect is fully proven and if this could be applied to long distance drives as well, the hybrid advantage would be fully complete.

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  • Mazda CX-30 Finally Goes Local Assembly

    THE local assembly of the Mazda CX-30 Crossover has finally been fulfilled now that the pandemic is over. The three-year delay was unexpected due to the Covid-19 virus scourge disrupting the production chain, from parts manufacture and sourcing to vehicle assembly.

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  • February 2023

  • Mercedes-Benz EQS CKD Kicks Off EV Ambitions

    MERCEDES-Benz Malaysia is fully committed to its EV (electrical vehicle) ambitions here by kicking off the local assembly of its first EQ model, the EQS 500 4MATIC, at its Pekan, Pahang facility. And starting from the very top in the model range is a clear sign that more EQ models down the line would join the CKD (complete knock down) wagon soon enough

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  • Premium Class Toyota Veloz Meets High Expectations

    TOYOTA vehicle owners have rather high expectations of their vehicles and the new Veloz, which replaces the Avanza, meets these lofty anticipations nicely. It comes with all the bells and whistles to qualify as a premium people mover styled along the SUV (sport utility vehicle) body profile. Thus, it is promoted as a Crossover.

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  • January 2023

  • Hyundai Palisade Facelift To Meet Growing Demand

    THERE’S a market for flagship SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) if someone very important is seeing using them, such as the Agong for one. Apparently, this has become the pull factor for the Hyundai Palisade, of which the facelift model was launched a few days before Chinese New Year.

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  • Kia Sorento and Peugeot Landtrek Previews

    FANS of the Kia and Peugeot brands would be pleased to know that more model variants are making their respective entry here this year. For the former, Kia distributor Dinamikjaya Motors Sdn Bhd, listed under Bermaz Auto Berhad, is introducing the latest Kia Sorento while Peugeot distributor Bermaz Auto Alliance Sdn Bhd has the Peugeot Landtrek to perk up the local pick-up market.

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  • 2022

    November 2022

  • Good Cat Adds to Growing EV Market

    THE successful run of the Toyota Avanza has finally come to the end of the road but despair not, as in its place has come the new Veloz. Boasting new engineering and a completely new body styling, the well-specified (equipment and features) Veloz is seen to befit its model description as a ‘premium Crossover’ in the B-MPV (multipurpose vehicle) market segment.

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  • October 2022

  • New Veloz ‘Premium Crossover’

    THE successful run of the Toyota Avanza has finally come to the end of the road but despair not, as in its place has come the new Veloz. Boasting new engineering and a completely new body styling, the well-specified (equipment and features) Veloz is seen to befit its model description as a ‘premium Crossover’ in the B-MPV (multipurpose vehicle) market segment.

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  • Latest Civic Hybrid Sets New Benchmark

    Hybrid vehicles are no longer boring to drive if Honda has its way. The latest Civic hybrid has certainly set a new benchmark in that direction and this was fully recognised in the UK with an award recently.

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  • Ranger Raptor Ups Power Ante With V6 Petrol

    POWER drives sales and Ford is right on the ball with its latest Ranger Raptor; it not only boasts of almost doubling the power output of the engine in the previous model but it is delivered with a V6 Twin Turbo EcoBoost petrol engine! That’s a fresh power perspective from Ford in the local pick-up market where turbodiesel engines had dominated until now.

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  • Honda ‘Amps Up’ East Coast Drive with HR-V Turbo & Hybrid

    THE Honda HR-V is Honda Malaysia’s best-selling SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) since it was launched in 2015. Up to 110,000 vehicles were sold up to date and it was no surprise that Honda was flooded with orders when the new HR-V was launched in mid-July.

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  • August 2022

  • Proton X70 No Heavyweight for 1.5 Turbo

    SMALL doesn’t mean feeble and this is clearly noted when many carmakers, including premium brands, are developing small displacement engines for their newer range of vehicles. Using turbochargers to raise engine power output without sacrificing fuel consumption is now a widely adopted norm.

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  • Kia Carnival Goes Premium Class With Fewer Seats

    THERE was more to the Kia Carnival than being a 11-seat people mover when it first landed on Malaysian shores in January 2022. It has the dimensional volumes and modern looks to match rivals, an attractive price to turn heads and the company to back it up on after-sale services.

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  • July 2022

  • GAC GS3 Spice Up SUV Market

    WITH the SUV (sport utility vehicle) market in full swing, the entry of new players gives buyers more options to consider. This trend is taking place across the different model platforms, from the entry level to the mid-range models to the comparative D-level premium class options.

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  • Pirelli Expands Cinturato Market Reach

    FANCY the option of fitting Pirelli Cinturato tyres for your Crossover or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) for the next tyre change? Well, you have that choice now as Pirelli has expanded its Cinturato tyre range to include such vehicles in the tyre replacement market.

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  • June 2022

  • Kawasaki’s Aggressive Return With Ninja 250 CKD

    IF YOU have been wondering what happened to Kawasaki in the Malaysian market for the past two years, well, we are pleased to inform you that Kawasaki is back and making a strong statement with the Ninja 250 and Z250 models assembled by Modenas.

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  • May 2022

  • Latest Subaru XV Gets Better ‘EyeSight’

    ELECTRONICS in automotive use is increasingly being applied to make driving less of a manual affair and many of the newer range of vehicles being introduced are seeing this development trend. The latest Subaru XV is one such example.

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  • Latest Civic Ups Ante on Sporty Yet Urbane Drive

    THE Honda Civic has carved out a distinct niche in the Malaysian market that looks unshakeable. It has captured the imagination of the up-and-coming man about town with its sporty orientation while serving his more docile needs as a comfortable family car.

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  • April 2022

  • New C-Class Comes of Age with Hybrid Power

    THE latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class has come of age in two primary ways; firstly, it is now a mid-size sedan and no longer an entry-level one while its status elevation is matched by its inclusion to the hybrid engine circle. For the former, the new A-Class sedan is now the entry-level model.

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  • March 2022

  • Merc’s Latest GLA Ups Youthful Appeal

    MERCEDES-Benz’s latest GLA range maintains the strong momentum the German carmaker had achieved in expanding its SUV (sport utility vehicle) range. As the entry-level model, the GLA range does not fall short in projecting the premium class that it belongs to. And the positive support it has received in Malaysia has seen to the GLA being locally assembled.

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  • January 2022

  • Comfortable Ipoh drive in the latest Kia Carnival

    KIA is making a calculated move on its ‘return’ to the Malaysian market under a new umbrella. Instead of focusing on the mass appeal range, this Korean carmaker is looking at re-establishing its presence at the more premium sector.

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  • Myvi Goes Just As Gung-ho With CVT

    THE Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) has been around for quite a while going back to the days when the car was still in its infancy. It is increasingly becoming the favoured choice today as carmakers realised that such a transmission work best with small capacity engines by allowing more efficient operation in tapping power output and providing better fuel mileages.

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