Audi Malaysia launches myAudiWorld mobile app for customer convenience

PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM) recently unveiled “myAudiWorld”, its first mobile app for all Audi owners in the country. The myAudiWorld app brings together an array of features to make the ownership experience even more convenient, enjoyable, and tailored to Audi owners’ needs.

The new myAudiWorld app offers easy access to a suite of features, from scheduling a service appointment, receiving the latest offers and promotions, to locating the nearest Audi Service Centre.

Denyu Bostandzhiev, Managing Director of PHSAM commented this introduction means that owners are empowered with greater control over their Audi ownership and driving experience. "The myAudiWorld app represents Audi Malaysia’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and reaffirms the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions.  With this, our customers have easy access to a wide range of services and features, essential for maintaining their Audi in pristine condition while offering unparalleled convenience, right from their mobile devices," he added.

“In addition to what’s available for newer vehicles, the myAudiWorld app is dedicated to providing exceptional care for Audi vehicles that are 5 years and older, including parallel import vehicles. With exclusive care packages such as Audi Plus (which comes with roadside assistance) and Repair packages, we aim to promote peace of mind for our valued customers, ensuring that their vehicles receive the utmost attention and support they deserve” concluded Denyu.

Features of the myAudiWorldApp include:
Service Appointment Request
For customers to schedule service appointments at their preferred Audi service centre, saving time and effort.
Exclusive Offers
Receive tailor-made offers based on owner interests and vehicle history. Redeem vouchers directly through the app and enjoy exclusive promotions on various Audi services and accessories.
Dealer Locator
Easily locate and navigate to the nearest Audi Centre for sales or aftersales needs.
EV charging Locations
Ensures that Audi EV owners are always well-connected to charging facilities, enhancing their electric driving experience.

Service Reminder
The app provides service reminders in the form of notifications, ensuring customers do not miss their scheduled vehicle maintenance.
Emergency Assistance
For quick and easy access to 24-hour emergency assistance with a dedicated helpline, ensuring prompt support and peace of mind on the road.
News and Updates
Latest news, launches, exciting developments and updates from Audi Malaysia.

myAudiWorld is now available for download on Android, Huawei and iOS devices. Visit the Audi Malaysia website at to learn more.