Chery to adopt global user-centric service concept for Malaysia, aims to provide competitive service policies

Since its establishment, Chery has been strongly committed to delivering top-quality service to global users, achieved by taking a user-centric approach to continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

In reaching out to users, Chery adopts the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) research management method to ascertain how well its services meet customer expectations. Through meticulous survey design, pre-survey preparation, implementation and continuous improvement of research weaknesses, Chery gets closer to customers, thoroughly understands their lifestyles, needs and wants, and based on this knowledge, works to improve customer experience and enhance loyalty.

Besides collecting customer issues through active research, Chery has also developed online service channels to respond quickly and actively solve them. The company’s OTA (over-the-air) data platform can not only remotely diagnose vehicles intelligently, but also provide services and solutions in the cloud.

Furthermore, a global mobile app with around-the-clock support allows quick response to customer issues, and customers can also book service appointments conveniently by themselves. Their feedback on social media is also constantly monitored, coupled with timely responses from Chery’s after-sales team, boosting customer confidence and trust.

Chery’s global top technical team benchmarks the world’s leading automotive enterprises, and since 2002, the company has carried out a number of global service skills competitions to upskill technical employees and unearth high-quality talents. Technical elites from countries including Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Egypt compete on the same stage, reflecting Chery’s global competitiveness in after-sales technology and services.

Customer satisfaction is not just about solving issues – globally, Chery works hard to localise its services for the markets it is in, including establishing a unified corporate identity for guest lounges that take into consideration local customs and traditions, bringing a truly VIP-level service experience to users around the world.

July saw JD Power release the results of the 2022 China Sales Service Satisfaction Study (SSI), and Chery once again ranked second in sales satisfaction amongst Chinese brands. The following month, in JD Power’s 2022 New Car Attractiveness Index Survey Report, Chery improved by eight places to rank 15th amongst mainstream brands, with the Arrizo 6 Pro winning the mid-size sedan category and the Tiggo 8 Pro Max ranking second in the mid-size SUV segment.

Chery prides itself on offering services across the entire lifecycle of car ownership, and has developed a strong reputation amongst global users for a warm, user-centric service approach. As the company continues to work towards its Malaysian introduction, it will draw upon this global experience to provide Malaysians with high-quality, user-centric service via a new nationwide sales and after-sales network, software and hardware optimisation as well as competitive service policies.

Chery will continuously work to establish and maintain Malaysian consumers’ confidence and trust through extensive market research, understanding their needs and wants, and progressively optimising as well as expanding its services to best serve Malaysians.