Five Tips for a Revving Year-End Holiday with Cycle & Carriage

After missing out on multiple year-end holidays for the past few years, now is the time to go all out and prepare for your best “revenge travel” this December. In the spirit of the holidays, what better way than to start planning your cuti-cuti Malaysia and log in some quality time with your friends and family?

Before you begin your drive, get your trusty Mercedes-Benz ready as you hit the road for your year-end vacation. If you have been putting off doing a check up on your car’s health and performance, use this easy-to-follow car health checklist this year end to sail smoothly right into the new year with your loved ones!

Tip #1: Get your car’s health check up

Just like maintaining your own health, your car also needs a regular “health checkup” to evaluate the health condition of its different parts. Get your car checked at Cycle & Carriage and let the experts go over everything from the brake fluid and brake pads, main and starter batteries, to headlamp settings and cleaning inspection. You will also get a Digital Service Report which means you can have a more secure and convenient record of all the service work undertaken for the next time you want to “follow-up” on your car’s condition. Best of all, you can be rest assured of your car’s safety and reliability for a worry-free holiday.

Tip #2: Know who to call in the case of an emergency

Even as you and your family are excited for the year end holidays, don’t forget you’ll still need to ensure a safe journey for everyone to truly kick back and relax this year end. This includes knowing your car insurance's emergency hotline to dial when in need of roadside assistance.

In the unfortunate event where your car faces a breakdown mid-journey, Mercedes-Benz owners can immediately dial Cycle & Carriage’s 24-hour roadside assistance at 1800-22-8000 and you’ll be attended to in no time by round-the-clock Cycle & Carriage experts. If you are facing milder car issues while outstation, fret not because you can make the most of Cycle & Carriage’s wide network coverage and get your Mercedes-Benz checked at any of its 11 locations across Peninsular Malaysia, including up north in Ipoh, Georgetown, and Alor Setar, to down south in Johor!

Tip #3: Safeguard your Mercedes-Benz for added peace of mind

Similar to our own bodies that reveal more health issues as we age, most cars also experience a little more hiccups than usual after a few years. To protect your car after five or six years of usage, you can choose to benefit from the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty Programme that offers coverage plans for your Mercedes-Benz no matter the mileage. This means your car can get covered for all the essentials including air conditioning, brakes, engine, front and rear wheel drive, suspension, electrical components, and the list goes on!

Tip #4: Prepare for slippery roads with brand new tyres

Travelling all across Malaysia means you can expect rainy days every once in a while. If you want your car to be able to weather the storms, one of the ways isto prepare your car for the wet roads and make sure the wheels are in tip-top condition. You’ll want to get only the best quality Mercedes Original tyres from the Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Rim Boutique which is located exclusively at Cycle & Carriage Petaling Jaya, or by visiting any Cycle & Carriage autohaus. By swapping out your tattered tyres with these high-performance ones that fit your car perfectly, you can be confident of a steady drive on the road, even in rainy weather.

PS, don’t forget to replace the old, squeaky windscreen wipers with new ones while at it to brace for the heavy downpours too!

Tip #5: Deck up your Mercedes-Benz for the Festive Holidays

Speaking of brand new tyres, nothing says festive like dazzling new accessories to make your car look fancier for the year-end celebrations. Give your car an upgrade with shiny rims also available at the Mercedes-Benz Tyre and Rim Boutique. Take your pick from modern and trendy designs that will give your vehicle a whole new edge and looking sharp while you drive around town in your stylish ride. Of course, you will get to view, touch, and feel the differences of each Mercedes Original assortment available in-store to pick the ones that match your vehicle and personality.

If you want to deck your car in even more accessories, just visit a Cycle & Carriage autohaus near you to check out more Mercedes-Benz genuine parts covering everything you’ll adore from fresh floor mats to shiny door handle recesses!

So don’t put off your car’s health checkup and start planning your next holiday trip to create more memories with your loved ones this year end with Cycle & Carriage, because time with family is always time well spent.

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