Cycle & Carriage and AmBank Promotes Sustainable Living with an Electric Vehicle Cruise to Ipoh

In an effort to build a sustainable future, AmBank recently collaborated with Malaysia’s leading Mercedes-Benz dealership, Cycle & Carriage, to curate an immersive driving experience for customers to ease into a low-carbon society. The brands came together to host the first Electrical Vehicle (EV) Cruise in Malaysia for participants to gain confidence in driving an electric vehicle long-distance.

“Cycle & Carriage is honoured to be partnering with AmBank to present an exceptional experience for our customers and raise awareness for green driving in Malaysia. In line with our commitment to create exceptional journeys for our customers, we hope this exclusive experience will give them a taste of sustainable luxury living that does not compromise on sustainability for the sake of future generations,” quoted Mr Thomas Tok, CEO of Cycle & Carriage Malaysia.

The exclusive cross-city journey started off at Cycle & Carriage Mutiara Damansara where the attendees had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about electric vehicles (EV) with a demonstration of the features of Mercedes-Benz’s range of EVs, the Mercedes-EQ. In addition, participants were also educated about Green Financing, a hire purchase loan that offers special financing rates on EVs to encourage the public to adopt sustainable practices. Adding further value to the cruise event as well as to raise awareness on Malaysia’s commitment towards zero carbon emissions by 2050, the participants were briefed on climate change, resource depletion, and other sustainability challenges related to achieving a low-carbon future.

Managing Director of Retail Banking, AmBank, Aaron Loo said, “AmBank is thrilled to be partnering with Cycle & Carriage which is synonymous with the Mercedes Benz brand as one of Malaysia’s established distributor of the German marque. In an era where mobility is also hinged with sustainability, we are proud to work with Cycle & Carriage in encouraging more Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts in Malaysia to opt for the range of EV models by offering them highly attractive EV hire purchase products under our Green Financing portfolio which is aligned with our broader Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspirations.”

The immersive experience kicked-off with an opportunity to test drive the Mercedes-EQ cars from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh where customers were introduced to the ease and convenience of charging their vehicles in order to address range anxiety, a common misconception that has limited EV adoption.

The exceptional journey continues with an exclusive dining experience at Cycle & Carriage Ipoh for lunch where attendees took a break at the modern showroom designed with the latest Mercedes-Benz Brand Presence. To further elevate the remarkable journey, the attendees checked into nature-inspired The Banjaran HotSprings Resort Ipoh, where they experienced a luxurious overnight stay before returning back to Kuala Lumpur. The overall cruise event was designed to reward and recognise discerning clientele comprising both AmBank SIGNATURE Priority Banking and Cycle & Carriage’s customers. Exclusive events as such are catered for the AmBank SIGNATURE Priority Banking customers by invitation as part of AmBank’s commitment to provide beyond banking services that elevates the customer’s lifestyle.

Over the years, AmBank and Cycle & Carriage have been working together to help customers finance new and pre-owned vehicles. AmBank’s Green Financing programme, which is designed to assist customers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, offers substantial benefits for clients that require financing of an EV.