FLUX's Most Affordable Car Subscription Plan. Now Available

FLUX, Malaysia’s highest rated all-inclusive monthly car subscription service,
launches FLUX Basic, a 60 Months subscription plan targeted for car shoppers who are looking for an economical car subscription service.

The new 60 Months subscription plan makes it even more affordable for drivers in Malaysia to have a car.

It comprises the most essential elements as the other plans that subscribers love the most, such as insurance, road tax, maintenance, and free door-to-door Concierge Services. Premium features such as the ability to Swap Cars and Wear & Tear Coverage have been unbundled from this new plan.
How It Works

With our 60 Months plans, you can book and subscribe online as you would any other FLUX subscription. Every month you will pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy the car with road tax, maintenance and insurance already paid for.

Unlike our all-inclusive subscription plans, you will have to pay for Wear & Tear costs as and when they are incurred during your subscription.

For example, when the time comes to replace your tyres, FLUX will coordinate and change the tyres for you with one of FLUX's panel workshops who offer significantly discounted prices. FLUX also ensures you only need to pay for what really needs to be changed.

All FLUX subscriptions include 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance with unlimited towing, emergency dispatch services, and car theft recovery. Your car is 100% protected!

Subscribe Longer & Pay Less Per Month
It's never been easier to 'own' a car with FLUX's 60 Months plan, thanks to the lower monthly subscription fees, combined with no car loan, no interest costs, and no downpayment costs.

For example, with a Proton X50 Flagship 2022, subscribers will save an additional 19% in monthly subscription fees on a 60 Months plan compared to a 36 months plan. On top of this, subscribers can save up to RM15,402 in first- year costs compared to a 5-year car loan since there’s no downpayment and no incidental costs to worry about.

Couple this with FLUX's Subscribe to Own program, it is the best alternative to a car loan. One that offers simplicity, flexibility, convenience and a lower financial barrier to ownership.

SALE: Only RM5 For The First Month!
Take advantage of FLUX's Mega End of Year Sale to save even more on your monthly subscription fee. Reserve any car on FLUX and pay only RM5 for the first month. Simply visit www.driveflux.com, complete your reservation before 16 December 2022, and the car will be delivered in 7 days.

Promotion is applicable for all new subscriptions, for both individuals and businesses, when subscribers select 12 Months, 24 Months, 36 Months, or 60 Months plans.

With FLUX, having or owning a car has never been easier. Visit www.driveflux.com/ to take home your next car, or contact FLUX Customer Service at support@driveflux.com or 03 6411 5611.