FLUX electrifies OldTown White Coffee's Fleet with the latest BYD Atto 3

As a testimony and commitment  towards  sustainable  mobility,  FLUX  and OldTown White Coffee have come together for partnerships to electrify OldTown White Coffee's existing fleet, delivering four electric vehicles (EVs) through FLUX Business Class service, all of which are the latest BYD Atto 3 units.

By transitioning to EVs, FLUX and OldTown White Coffee positioned both companies as early adopters of renewable & green technologies, encouraging the widespread adoption of clean and sustainable transportation options for other companies in Malaysia.

In line with Malaysia's commitment to green initiatives and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the partnership between FLUX and OldTown White Coffee aims to create a greener environment.

FLUX is Malaysia's leading all-inclusive vehicle subscription, which offers consumers and companies a cost-effective and accessible way to switch to electric mobility requiring no car loan and no down payment. FLUX also covers insurance, maintenance, and wear & tear and offers free Concierge Services for all admin and delivery needs, making EV ownership worry-free and hassle-free.

In addition, with FLUX Business Class, companies can save even more on car expenses as FLUX waives all upfront fees and is an LHDN-approved tax- deductible expense.

On top of this, companies can leverage FLUX's advanced telematics data to reduce the likelihood of accidents and optimise their vehicle usage and fuel costs through fleet analytics.