MINIscape Returns with an Adventure-Packed Weekend for over 200 MINIacs in Malaysia

MINI Malaysia recently hosted MINIscape 2024, a thrilling weekend for 200 MINI owners and enthusiasts. The adventure began with an exclusive road trip from Bamboo Hills, Kuala Lumpur, as over 100 MINI vehicles formed a convoy heading north to Angsana Teluk Bahang in Penang. Along the way, passengers were engaged in a special treasure hunt where they captured and uploaded photos of unique sights, turning the journey into a lively competition amongst one another.

Benjamin Nagel, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “At the heart of MINI lies a zest for life and a special kinship that fuels our adventures. With MINIscape 2024, we celebrate this connection by fostering joyous, unforgettable moments. It is here that our philosophy for Big Love intertwines with the thrill of discovery, bringing MINIacs closer in spirit and passion. We are not just creating journeys; we are igniting a collective spirit that makes every MINI more than just a car — it is a partner for adventure, for every laughter shared and memory made together.”

MINIscape 2024 set the stage for a weekend bursting with high-spirited outdoor escapades at ESCAPE Park Penang, a paradise for thrill-seekers. Here, MINIacs were granted unlimited access to a range of exhilarating attractions, each creating moments of joy and a sense of shared adventure for the MINI community. Laughter echoed through the park as the guests enjoyed gravity-defying slingshots and soared across the sky on ziplines, while the more daring challenged themselves on the complex rope courses. Families and friends also had the chance to splash down the world's longest tube water slide, sharing joyful laughter that rang out across the park.

As evening approached, the excitement transitioned to the MINI Base Camp, where guests engaged in team-building games like tipi-making and indulged in retro games such as archery and the crowd-favourite Power Slam. Roving talents lit up the event with their eclectic carnival acts, keeping the festive spirit high.

Dinner at the Base Camp was also a vibrant affair, featuring live barbecue stations where guests could eat to their heart’s content, indulging in a meal to remember with their loved ones. The shared experience of cooking and dining under the stars in a unique camping-style fostered a special sense of community and enjoyment, underscored by a diverse spread of local delights that catered to all.

The evening culminated with a fire show—a spectacular display that lit up the night sky, casting a warm glow over a day filled with the thrill of adventure and the joy of togetherness.

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