MODENAS jumps the ‘GAN’ with a Karisma 125S Scooter gift to Harimau Malaya fan

In a heartwarming response to the inspiring story of Derrick Gan, a dedicated Harimau Malaya fan from Melaka who sold his motorcycle to support Malaysia at the Asian Cup, MODENAS took the initiative to show its support by gifting him a brand-new Modenas Karisma 125S. The surprise handover ceremony unfolded at KLIA 1 Arrival Hall, where Derrick was warmly welcomed by Roslan Roskan, CEO of MODENAS and the team upon his arrival in Malaysia at 8.40 p.m. yesterday.

Derrick's selfless act of selling his motorcycle to rally behind the national football team caught the attention of MODENAS, National motorcycle manufacturer. Touched by his dedication and passion, MODENAS decided to express its appreciation by presenting Derrick with the keys to a new Modenas Karisma 125S.

The surprise handover ceremony was a joyous occasion, with Derrick expressing his gratitude for the unexpected gift. “A big thank you to MODENAS for this incredible gesture and I can't wait to continue supporting Harimau Malaya with my new Modenas Karisma 125S," said Derrick.

Roslan Roskan, representing MODENAS, stated, "Derrick's story resonated with us, showcasing the true spirit of Malaysian football enthusiasts. MODENAS is proud to be a part of this journey, and we hope that the new Modenas Karisma 125S will ease his journey, both on and off the road.”

The surprise handover at KLIA 1 Arrival Hall was attended by MODENAS representatives, members of the team, and other well-wishers. The event marked a beautiful moment of unity and shared passion for sports.

MODENAS remains committed to supporting and celebrating the passion of Malaysians, both on and off the field. The company extends its best wishes to Derrick and encourages everyone to continue cheering for Harimau Malaya in their upcoming endeavors.