Easier and Quick: Maxim E-hailing presents the Auto function

Auto is a feature that automatically accepts orders for partner-drivers in the application. This system analyzes the orders received from the application and offers the drivers new bookings that are nearby. If the driver is already on the way with the passenger, then the Auto function is to offer them the next trip with the pick-up point near the end point of the current route. This way, drivers will be able to fulfill orders one by one, in a chain, and can work more efficiently.

This function is very convenient for partner-drivers and users. Drivers can concentrate on the road without having to worry about missing new orders, and users will get their ride quicker because each next order starts near the end point of the previous one. This feature also helps increase the number of orders and overall user satisfaction.

On top of all that, using the Auto feature allows partner-drivers to make more money. This is because the service commission for auto orders is lower, and thanks to efficient work, more orders can be completed. In addition, drivers reduce fuel costs, since the distance they have to cover to get to the next pick-up point is shorter. This also provides for a better quality of driving and concentration, since drivers don't need to use their phones and scroll for orders.

Maxim E-hailing also gives options to partner-drivers, providing them with the right to choose whether to use the function or not. Drivers can select either “Accept” or “Decline,” or they can choose to turn off the feature entirely. The system allows partner-drivers to choose their own preferences, and its convenience also has a positive impact on them.
The Auto function is also beneficial for users of Maxim E-hailing, allowing them to get orders more easily, because it automatically sends the trip information to the driver who is close by. The idle time is decreasing, since many drivers are using the auto function.

The function can also help Maxim E-Hailing users to get someone assigned to their orders faster as the system offers orders to the nearest partner-drivers. It automatically connects with the users, and if the order is far away, there's still a driver who will take it.

“Using the auto assignment tools increases the number of orders per day. As this feature is very convenient for our partner-drivers, I believe that many drivers prefer to turn on the Auto function to make more money and at the same time get a trip that’s close to them. In order to fulfill the partner-drivers’ demand, we allow them to enable and disable the system. It’s more flexible that way,” says Mohd Hazwan, Director of Maxim E-hailing Malaysia.

“Personally, I prefer to turn on the Auto feature when I’m working. This is because I can focus on the road while driving and secure the next order. It makes trips safer while letting the system do its job and look for orders. And I also can earn more money with auto assignment on, as the next trip is connected with the destination point of the previous order,” says Yaw Mee Wei, a Maxim partner-driver.