Maxim Shares Tips to Avoid E-hailing Scams

The E-hailing industry is phenomenally diverse, offering various services such as transportation, delivery, trucks, and more. These services, especially transportation, have become a necessity for everyone. E-hailing is also one of the industries with a risk of various fraud schemes being employed by some drivers. With this in mind, Maxim E-hailing would like to share some tips that can be used as a guide for users so as not to get caught in such scams.

The first step that needs to be taken seriously is to thoroughly check the booking made. After making a booking, Maxim recommends that the passengers double-check some important aspects such as the address, driver information, vehicle information and the displayed price.

Step two is to identify the location of the vehicle. When users book a vehicle, the company shares its track on a map in the application. With this, the user can see the vehicle location and whether it is on the right route.

Step three is to take advantage of the chat feature provided in the application. Users can communicate directly with their drivers through calls and messages in the application and avoid using personal messengers such as WhatsApp.
Step four, while traveling with the driver, it is not recommended to share too much information, especially personal information such as where you work, your phone number, home address, or relationship status.

The last step is to identify the price of the ride. As you already know, the price of the ride will appear when making a booking, and the passenger is recommended to check that the amount paid is the same as the one displayed in the application.

“Maxim is very particular and concerned regarding the users’ bookings. Therefore, we have a feedback function in our application for users who’d like to share their experiences and, in case of any problems, our customer service will contact them directly. I believe this can help users to solve problems,” says Dayana Qistina, MY user support specialist.

“Throughout my experience of using e-hailing services, I have never encountered a driver who would try to scam me. This is because I pay attention to the booking information shared by Maxim and I will continue to contact the driver in the chat,” comments Shawzwana, a Maxim E-hailing user.
Maxim also monitors these cases and offers money refunds if an accident happens to a user. Anyone can share their feedback by following the steps below.

1. After an order is complete, there's a feedback section where users can share any experience with Maxim.
2. Describe your situation in the feedback section.
3. Maxim Customer Service will directly contact you and will be happy to assist.

Maxim users will get a full refund if they ever get scammed by partner-drivers.
Accordingly, Maxim E-hailing hopes that the occurrence of fraud schemes can be reduced and we will be able to fight it together.