Travel Together With Your Pets By Maxim

Great news to all animal lovers in Malaysia, Maxim E-hailing implements bring pets together with you on the ride. This is not a new authority for Maxim, we introduced this since our operation in Malaysian and getting positive feedback until today, passengers can bring together pets at an affordable price rate. Maxim realized that not everyone has their own transport but they need a ride and some of them require bringing pets together. Now everyone can carry a little cute to the park for a walk, vet for medical check up and even travel together with Maxim e-hailing.
Order for the ride can make through Maxim application and below is the step to add pet in your request –

1.Open Maxim application, locate current location and include destination to go.
2.Click (Request for your order) add Pet
3.Notify driver at chat about your pet
4.Enjoy the ride

Tips that can be used for passengers is to sit at the back of the car with their pet to control the movement and pet activities, and sometimes they bring bags or small cages together.

In 2022, data proved that Maxim received more than 500 orders by passengers that brought pets along during the trip and it went smoothly. In fact that the type of pets that ride with Maxim is cat and dog, and most of the trip went to the vet or pets store.  By looking at the information, Maxim Malaysia would like to advise users to not be worried of bringing your pets along, just booked with Maxim and relish the trip.

Having a pet that can bring tons of joy and happiness to life, in Malaysia we acknowledge Oyen the orange naughty cat that entertains everyone. At this time all pet owners can put a smile on your face when riding with Maxim.

Maxim Malaysia started operating in 2018 and growing strongly, and available throughout Malaysia. Maxim not only focused on e-hailing, but the services have diversified into parcel courier, towing, jump start, cargo and food delivery that are ready to meet your daily needs. Maxim application is available to download through Playstore, App Store and Huawei Store. Users can start the order by including the current location and place to go, and look for a driver for the trip! Enjoy your ride with Maxim Malaysia with an affordable and convenient trip.