SERV X Unveils its Range of Digital Products to Enhance Digital-First Experience and Reduce the Global Digital Divide

SERV X (SERV Technology) is a leading group of technology companies focused on bridging humans and technology by enhancing the digital-first experience. In line with this objective, SERV X has recently unveiled its range of digital products that are accessible for businesses to modernise their current practices and enter the digital economy.

Looking to serve a wider market, SERV X has expanded its offerings beyond the automotive sector, diversifying into digital products such as data visualisation platforms, crowd analytics, and online management tools. In conjunction with this effort, through REKA - a wholly owned subsidiary of SERV X, the group is expanding their ongoing partnership with global manufacturing corporation Murata to implement real-time analytics for out-of-home (OOH) advertisers and urban planners via traffic data in the context of smart city development.

Since its incorporation in 2017, SERV Technology has played an active role in bridging the digital divide in the country. Moving towards this effort, in 2019, SERV acquired a Malaysian-based tech R&D company, REKA (REKA Inisiatif Sdn Bhd) to lead the innovation as the group's R&D arm and formed SERV X.

The recent announcement on the partnership occurred during SERV X’s annual event held on 20 July. The flagship industry level event is SERV X’s ticket to address concerns and gaps across the industry with a view of propelling the entire tech and business sector onwards. The most recent edition of the event also featured other Malaysian tech-driven companies across industries such as Amanz, pitchIN, AdEasy, MedKad and Direct Lending to share insights into the future of the current digital landscape as well as expected evolution in the future.

SERV Technology is one of the alumni of the Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) Cohort 1 in 2017. The programme has been instrumental in preparing SERV to spearhead the country’s digitalization efforts as it offers them a specialised curriculum that covers key elements of running a startup and access to a comprehensive range of partners and mentors. Since then, the entity MaGIC - which powered GAP 2017 - has consolidated with Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) to create MRANTI to take up the challenge of accelerating Malaysia’s Technology Commercialisation.