More Kilometres Using Shell FuelSave 95

IT MIGHT seem odd that using a particular brand of fuel, either petrol or diesel, could lead to additional kilometres per filling. The layman’s understanding of a fuel is a product that ignites when combusted by the spark plug or compression (for diesel), leading to a mini-explosion that forces, by way of gas expansion, the piston in the combustion chamber to move and thus, propel the vehicle forward.

Few could understand how that seemingly simple procedure could lead to more mileage. They are more inclined to accept the fact that the harder you are on the accelerator or throttle to gain speed, the lower mileage you would experience. On the other hand, the light-footed driver who is good at anticipating traffic and road conditions would expect to gain better mileage with his ‘thrifty’ habits.

You mean there is more to gaining mileage per filling than that? Yes, indeed and it all boils down to how the fuel helps part of the engine to operate in the best way possible. For that to happen, the fuel would have to be engineered and ‘designed’ with the correct additives to offer more than just combusting power.

Then again, this is not something new but has been around for a while. Improvements made along the way means the fuel works in better ways to help the engine perform to its optimum efficiency levels and thereby allow the user to extract better mileage per filling. In this respect, Shell has its FuelSave 95 to showcase its latest developmental stride.

And along with that a new brand campaign ‘Shell FuelSave 95 Ekstra Kilometer, Ternyata Berbeza’ – which translates to Shell FuelSave 95 Extra Kilometre, Clearly Different. Or in Shell Malaysia’s words, ‘The Difference of Extra with Shell’.

To expand on that, Shell says the campaign is anchored on Shell FuelSave 95’s ‘robust capabilities in delivering kilometres and partnering customers to make the most out of their everyday journeys’. It adds: “With its aspiration of instant fuel economy from the very first drop, Shell FuelSave 95 has a long and proud lineage as the firm foundation for Shell’s innovation.”

This particular fuel is said to be designed with DYNAFLEX technology to provide extra kilometres by delivering ‘Extra Savings, Instantly; Extra Clean and Extra Protection’ qualities. In the first instance, Shell FuelSave 95 is said to reduce friction by up to 90 per cent on critical engine parts to maximise fuel economy.

The second aspect is achieved with the fuel preventing 95 per cent of deposit formation for a cleaner running engine and the third area sees to the fuel protecting the engine from wear, corrosion and deposit build-up with its ‘Triple Action’ formula. These results, Shell says, are achieved according to industry standard and Shell proprietary tests.

The key fuel system components involved include the intake valves and/or fuel injectors and the protection come from preventing the build-up of ‘performance robbing’ deposits. Friction reducing molecules in the fuel also help critical engine areas, in particular the upper piston ring area. Shell did point out that actual effects and benefits might vary according to vehicle type and condition as well as driving style. As such, no guarantee is provided.

Shell Malaysia says these three key benefits align closely with the findings from a consumer study that revealed Malaysians chose ‘better mileage’ and ‘cost savings’ as their top consideration for a quality main grade fuel. And this prompted the company to embark on a ‘refreshed brand campaign to give Malaysians what they asked for in top quality main grade fuels: extra kilometres without extra cost’.

To initiate the launch of ‘Shell FuelSave 95 Ekstra Kilometer, Ternyata Berbeza’ Shell ran a campaign teaser video showcasing that not all fuels are created the same while highlighting Shell’s promise of Extra. One of the engaging items in the campaign is the story of a ‘loving dad who takes care of his baby with the help of Shell FuelSave 95’.

Shell Malaysia also partnered with Bonuslink to give customers up to 4X points whenever they spend a minimum of RM50 to refuel at Shell. However, don’t expect huge gains though but what little extra mileage covered should go a long way in lowering overall fuel bills. - LPS