Suzuki Malaysia launch V-Strom 800DE, GSX-8S


THE launch was held in a big party with the media, dealers and associates recently in Kuala Lumpur, marking Suzuki’s entry into the hotly-contested 700-900cc adventure and sport bike section of the local market.

First unveiled at the EICMA 2022 in Milan, the V-Strom 800DE and the GSX-8S were developed as brand-new 800cc class models with nimble and manoeuvrable chassis to cater for a wide range of riders.

“Optimised balance and rideability was of paramount importance in the development of both models, both factors which are required both in daily commuting and in long distance touring,” says Suzuki of Japan.

“The newly developed 776cc parallel twin engine suppresses vibration via the revolutionary Suzuki Cross Balancer (which positions its two balancers at 90 degree to the crankshaft), the first of its type on a production motorcycle. The new engine was also designed with a 270-degree crankshaft to enhance tractability and also produce a pleasing off-beat exhaust note.

V-Strom 800DE
Key technical features in and on the V-Strom 800DE are:
- That engine, which produces 83hp and 57.5 ft-lb of torque.
- Wire-spoke aluminium wheels; a 21-inch front rim paired with an 18-inch rear rim both shod with semi-block pattern Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tyres.
- Fully adjustable Showa inverted front forks adjustable for spring preload plus compression and rebound damping. Rear monoshock with preload adjustable via large thumbwheel.
- Adjustable windscreen with three levels of adjustment via four screws.
- Five-inch colour TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel with Night mode for monitoring all the bike's systems and settings and supplies vital real-time operating status information. The LCD screen displays the speedometer, tachometer, riding range, odometer, dual trip meter, gear position, water temperature, ambient temperature, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, SDMS mode, ABS mode, ABS rear off, traction control mode, quick shift (on/off), fuel gauge, 12-hour clock, voltmeter and service reminder.
- Twin LED headlights providing “excellent” illumination. An LED combination rear tail and brake light and the lightweight LED turn signals offer high visibility, low electrical draw and high durability.

Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS)
The new V-Strom 800DE is packed with new technology such as Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS), which consists of Suzuki's latest electronic systems, including the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), bi-directional quick shift system, ride-by-wire electronic throttle system, traction control system, as well as the easy start system. Both the Gravel mode in the traction control system and a rear ABS Off mode are added to improve control on gravel roads and other unpaved surfaces.

- SDMS provides the rider with a choice of three different engine power output modes to match riding conditions and preferred style. Working in concert with the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS), SDMS permits peak power in each mode while changing the nature of the power delivery.

1. A Mode – provides the sharpest throttle response.
2. B Mode – provides more moderate throttle response.
3. C Mode – provides the softest throttle response of the three modes.
- STCS* continuously monitors front and rear wheel speeds, throttle opening, engine speed, and gear position. It quickly reduces engine output when it detects wheel spin by adjusting ignition timing and air delivery. STCS offers four mode settings (plus an OFF setting) to let the rider control the throttle with more confidence by limiting rear wheel spin in a variety of riding conditions.

1. Mode 1 - for sport riding with minimal intervention from the system.
2. Mode 2 - for city riding and regular road conditions.
3. Mode 3 - for wet or slippery road conditions.
4. G (Gravel) mode – for riding on unpaved surfaces.
G mode setting retards ignition timing to help the rider better negotiate gravel roads by allowing some slip when riding on unpaved surfaces. As a result, the bike remains controllable and the rider still gets the consistent power output needed. G mode promotes greater confidence and makes it more exciting and enjoyable to explore unpaved roads and country trails.

Note: Because G (Gravel) mode allows a certain amount of rear tyre slip, it is not suitable for use on paved surfaces.
- Bi-directional quick shift system allows up or downshifting without operating the clutch lever. When activated, the system delivers clean, silky smooth upshifts with uninterrupted acceleration. Downshifts are also quick and smooth, thanks in part to automatic hands-free blipping and engine braking working together harmoniously.
- Suzuki Easy Start System lets the rider start the engine with just one quick press of a button without pulling in the clutch lever when in neutral, makes riding experience all the more pleasurable and convenient.
- Low RPM Assist helps the rider operate and control the bike more easily in stop-and-go traffic by helping maintain engine idle speed for smoother and easier starts.
- Switchable rear ABS mode is also offered to improve performance on gravel and other unpaved surfaces by switching off rear ABS.

The V-Strom 800DE also comes with a tough plastic skid plate, an easily accessible USB port and tough plastic handguards. Also, a wide variety of Genuine Suzuki Accessories is available for the V-Strom 800DE, such as aluminium top and side cases, LED fog lamp set, engine guards, high and low seats and larger touring windshield.

The V-Strom 800DE, with an “introductory” selling price of RM60,800 for the first 50 units (the price increases after that) comes in two colours: Champion Yellow No. 2 or Glass Mat Mechanical Gray. It comes with a two-year, 20,000km (whichever comes first) full factory warranty and is backed up by a 70-dealer nationwide network. It will be available at all Suzuki Big Bike World showrooms nationwide.

The street fighter-styled GSX-8S is adaptable to all ages and skill levels and offers accessible performance, says Suzuki. Its unique and modern styling is highlighted in its functional beauty and accentuated by exposing the engine, seat rails and distinctive short exhaust.

Sharing the same engine as the V-Strom 800DE as well as many rider-assist features, it comes with SIRS, SDMS, STCS (with three-mode selection) and bi-directional quick-shift system. Its lightweight aluminium swingarm contributes to nimble handling.

“The engine is the gem of the GSX-8S. Willing and able while being smooth and linear, a rider may choose to either enjoy the scenery or enjoy the curves. The rich mid-range and torquey low end allows flexibility in gear choices and the excellent quick shifter is seamless in operation.

“Handling is light and precise without being nervous and instills confidence in the rider, whatever level of skill they possess,” says Suzuki, adding that it has equipped the GSX-8S with very capable brakes and optimised front and rear suspension to fully utilise the GSX-8S’s abilities. The bike is a flexible and adaptable mount and excels in the city or out on the open road.

Key technical features
- The engine, which is the same as the V-Strom 800DE’s, although the GSX-8S has ONE horsepower less than the V-Strom 800DE, due to its shorter and more compact exhaust system.
- Cast aluminium 17-inch alloy wheels.
- Twin Nissin radial-mount four-piston front calipers acting upon 310mm discs.
- Short muffler design for a low and centralised centre of gravity.
- Five-inch colour TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel with Night mode displaying the same things as the V-Strom 800DE (except the Gravel mode!)
- Twin LED headlight and combination rear tail and brake light and the lightweight LED turn signals.
- Suzuki Easy Start System and low RPM assist.

The GSX-8S, selling for RM50,800, comes in three colours: Pearl Cosmic Blue, Pearl Tech White and Metallic Mat Black No. 2 / Glass Sparkle Black. The bike also comes with a two-year, 20,000km (whichever comes first) full factory warranty and is backed up by a 70-dealer nationwide network. It will be available onwards at all Suzuki Big Bike World showrooms nationwide.