Two upgrades to the Toyota Corolla lineup

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has set the stage for a thrilling advancement as it announced the launch of not one, but two remarkable upgrades to the Toyota Corolla lineup. Introducing the 2023 Corolla IMP (Improvement) model and the sportier Corolla GR Sport variant, these dual launches propel the Corolla into a new realm of excitement and refinement.

Reflecting Toyota’s commitment to accommodate diverse customer needs, these dual introductions resonate harmoniously with Toyota’s overarching vision, ’Move Your World’. This visionary concept empowers drivers to select products that embody their individuality and aspirations, enriching their driving experience in every way.
During the launch event, Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMWT, underscored the significance of these introductions. "The Corolla GR Sport and the 2023 Corolla IMP model exemplify Toyota‘s keen understanding of the diverse needs within the Malaysian market. From delivering an exhilarating sporty driving experience to embodying refined elegance, these introductions underscore our unwavering commitment to providing a broad spectrum of driving experiences for our esteemed Malaysian customers."

Corolla GR Sport
At an enticing price of RM152,800.00, the Corolla GR Sport amplifies driving pleasure for enthusiasts seeking a more spirited on-road adventure. Evidencing its unique identity, the GR Sport stands out with a sporty demeanour that distinguishes it from other Corolla variants. Reflecting Toyota’s storied racing heritage, its dynamic body design commands attention.

Sleek contours merge seamlessly with Bi Pes Halogen headlights, boasting Automatic High Beam technology for enhanced nighttime visibility. The sedan’s road presence is further accentuated by its newly styled 18" Alloy wheels, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and performance.

Stepping inside the Corolla GR Sport, occupants are greeted by an interior that resonates with the model’s sporty character. The GR-S emblem, a proud symbol of Toyota’s racing legacy, takes center stage in the interior and is visible from the rear. This emblem reinforces the Corolla GR Sport’s performance-oriented nature, adding a touch of distinction that echoes its unique identity.

Under the sporty exterior lies an exhilarating driving experience. The Corolla GR Sport‘s precision-tuned GR Sport Suspension, equipped with an anti-roll bar, delivers exceptional handling and stability, contributing to a dynamic ride that enthusiasts will relish. The tuned power steering further amplifies the driving engagement, allowing drivers to forge an unbreakable connection with the road. Embodying the essence of sportiness, the Corolla GR Sport offers drivers a harmonious blend of style, performance, and driving engagement.

2023 Corolla IMP(Improvement) Model
The 2023 Corolla IMP model, price starts at RM139,800.00, brings a wave of enhancements that underscore Toyota’s commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences. Notable exterior improvements include a captivating mesh-pattern grille, refined rim design, and smart entry functionality for both the driver and front passenger.

Taking center stage within the cabin is the introduction of the 12.3" digital meter. This cutting edge digital display empowers drivers by providing comprehensive and customizable access to vital vehicle information, elevating driver awareness and control.

“Our focus is not just on delivering vehicles, but on creating experiences that resonate deeply with our Malaysian customers. These launches are a testament to our understanding of the nuanced desires of modern Malaysian drivers,“ added Ravindran.

In conjunction with these launches, there will be a Showroom Weekender from 8 — 10 September 2023 for Peninsular Malaysia and 23-24 September 2023 for East Malaysia involving 51 selected outlets (Corolla GR Sport) and 24 selected outlets (Corolla G). Participating outlets can be located ( to test drive and win a free gift (while stock last).

For further details on the launches of the Corolla GR Sport variant and the 2023 Corolla IMP model, including comprehensive specifications, pricing, and availability, please visit

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