UMW Toyota Motor launches Toyota Synergised Mobility

UMW Toyota Motor recently launches a new brand pillar and branding initiative known as Toyota Synergised Mobility (TSM), driven by Toyota’s advanced technologies.

“Toyota is moving beyond being just a manufacturer of cars to other forms of mobility for modern lifestyles. In pursuit of this, it creates innovations featuring cutting-edge technologies with the potential for expanding the possibilities of future mobility for the wider community. With Toyota Synergised Mobility, the public will gain greater awareness of the new and available technologies – as well as what is to come in the future. There will be even greater synergy between man and machine,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor.

As a world leader in the automobile industry and growing mobility services company, Toyota has developed numerous innovative, advanced and cutting-edge technologies. Through Toyota Synergised Mobility, advanced technologies will be simplified for easier understanding and their relevance explained. From this, the perfect synergy between technology and humans will become clearer, introducing a new aspect of the brand that is advanced, cutting edge and innovative.

Two examples of the latest technologies are Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), both available and associated with the latest models. They make possible features which exemplify the meaning of ‘smart motoring’ to enhance safety, comfort and performance. With TSM, the customer will see the synergy between trust and technology as it applies to his or her daily life.

Under the All About The Drive theme, UMWT will apply Toyota Synergised Mobility to bring to the forefront the technological leadership of Toyota that will be used to make ever better cars. It will complement the excitement that is already generated by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing initiative.

Toyota Synergised Mobility will also pave the way for new Toyota technologies to be introduced very soon. It symbolises Toyota’s synergy with the future, living with tomorrow’s technologies, today.

“We believe that technology should be simple, yet intelligent. With Toyota Synergised Mobility, UMW Toyota Motor will present to Malaysians a new aspect of the brand which is advanced, cutting edge and innovative. Customers will understand and embrace ‘Smart Driving’ with Toyota where they will enjoy and experience seamless driving experience where technology is in perfect synergy – designed for and by humans,” said the President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran K.

Since 2016, when UMW Toyota Motor introduced its All About The Drive umbrella theme, the brand has undergone a rapid transformation of its image, gaining a perception of being more sporty, youthful and exciting. This has been largely supported by the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) brand which has been used for exciting events such as the TGR Racing Festival, GR Velocity E-Sports Championship, GR Garage and GR high-performance products.

While the Toyota brand now has greater appeal with an energetic, fun-to-drive, sportier character, Toyota Synergised Mobility will propel its image of being advanced, innovative and cutting-edge.

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