Be Part of the Solution with Volvo Car Malaysia

As a premium automotive brand with one of the most ambitious climate plans in the industry, Volvo Car Malaysia has partnered with E-waste Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH) to provide an avenue – an E-waste Green Box – for all Malaysians to responsibly dispose and recycle their used electronics at Volvo Car dealerships nationwide, as well as at the Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia (VCMM) plant site.

This initiative comes off the back of Volvo Car Malaysia’s ongoing sustainability campaign – the Volvo Green Planet – which aims to bring greater awareness towards today’s pressing climate concerns and propel the brand closer to its long-term goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040.

Volvo Cars as a group goes beyond its mission to reduce CO2 emissions per car by 40 per cent between 2018 and 2025 through electrification, and also tackles carbon emissions in all aspects of its business, from manufacturing and operations to its supply chain and even its approach to recycling and reuse of materials. 

Embracing this commitment even on a local front, Volvo Car Malaysia, along with other Volvo Cars facilities around the world, has taken to more sustainable approaches to their business such as abstaining from single-use plastics and going paperless for all brochures and price lists at its headquarters and Volvo dealerships.

In a move to expand its sustainability efforts, Volvo Car Malaysia is opening the doors of its dealerships nationwide to anyone who wishes to dispose of their electronic wastes responsibly. Sharing the same vision for a more sustainable future, VCMM also extends the same invitation for Malaysians to drop off their used electronics at a dedicated area.

The dealerships and VCMM will have a dedicated E-waste Green Box located in a visible area where the general public, not just prospective customers, can drop off any devices or components running on electricity or battery that can fit into the box. This includes, but is not limited to laptops, mobile phones, monitors, tablets, printer, keyboard, batteries and gaming consoles. For bulkier items, individuals are encouraged to book a free pickup service on

Akhtar Sulaiman, Marketing and PR Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, said: “At Volvo, we walk the talk. Instead of only talking about sustainability, we drive it by embracing and integrating the practice into our business and day-to-day life. When coming up with the idea for the E-waste Green Box, we wanted to enable all Malaysians – and not just our customers and employees – so that together we can drive this sustainability journey together, for the greater good of our planet and our future generations, so that we leave behind a safer and greener world for them to live in.”