smart Malaysia Unveils Exciting ‘Refer & Reward’ Referral Programme to Bolster Owner’s Engagement

smart Malaysia is excited to introduce its 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme, designed to strengthen the bonds within our vibrant smart community while celebrating the loyalty and enthusiasm of our valued owners. Through the Hello smart app, owners can now easily refer friends and family to join the smart community and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Driven by our commitment to fostering connections within the smart community, the 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme incentivises existing smart owners to share their passion for smart vehicles with others. With the smart #1, meticulously designed by Mercedes-Benz and built on Geely’s Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA), owners can experience exhilarating all-electric drives complete with advanced ADAS features.

"Our goal with the 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme is to ignite the passion of our loyal smart owners by providing them with an opportunity to share their love for the brand with others," said Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia. "Through referrals, we aim to create a thriving smart community where members feel valued and connected."

smart Refer & Reward Benefits
Under the 'Refer & Reward' programme, smart owners can earn great rewards for their participation. For every successful test drive arranged through a referral, the referrer will receive 5,000 smart Points, equivalent to RM50. The rewards escalate for successful referrals resulting in car registrations, with referrers earning 50,000 smart Points, equivalent to RM500. This further incentivises them to introduce others to the world of smart premium ownership. Additionally, existing smart owners who purchase a brand new all-electric smart vehicle will be awarded 100,000 smart Points, equivalent to RM1,000.

Owners can use their smart Points which will be credited to the account to pay for charging fees directly in the Hello smart App. With the upcoming update, points can also be used to purchase in-car internet data and official smart merchandise offering versatility and maximizing the value of smart Points. Moreover, smart Malaysia is dedicated to hosting more events, with referrers receiving priority invitations. Stay tuned for further Refer & Reward benefit announcements as you refer more friends and family. Join us in our mission to build a stronger, more engaged smart community while enjoying exciting rewards along the way.

For more information about the smart 'Refer & Reward' Referral Programme, please read our Terms & Conditions here.