smart #1 takes center stage with an exclusive preview for EV enthusiasts

smart Malaysia recently unveiled the much-anticipated smart #1 providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview at its headquarters in Subang Jaya.

The two-day event was organized to showcase smart’s first production model in the family of its all-electric vehicle (EV): the smart #1. This event aimed to cater to the excitement and anticipation of EV enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for this day.

During the event, participants including EV owners and fans had the opportunity to explore smart’s design identity, its sense of premium, agile dynamism, and embrace cutting-edge technology. They were offered a packed schedule filled with test drives, product exploration and networking opportunities.

Exclusive Preview and Test Drive Experience
According to Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia, Zhang Qiang, smart is dedicated to offering premium products with futuristic design and advanced technology that perfectly suit modern urban lifestyles.

Therefore, this event plays a crucial role not only to provide in-depth explanations related to smart #1 but also to enhance smart’s brand visibility and awareness in Malaysia.

“By bringing people together, especially the EV enthusiasts and sharing knowledge, we hope to increase awareness and enable participants to explore our product firsthand by providing opportunity to get up close and personal with smart #1,’’ he added.

Not only were participants given the opportunity to experience smart #1, but they also had the chance to do a test drive, adding to the excitement of the event.

As the official importer and distributor of smart vehicles in Malaysia and Thailand, smart Malaysia will bring the EV automotive excellence to the Malaysian market by featuring smart #1 which is scheduled to be launched by Quarter 4 of this year.

Thorough vehicle testing for Malaysian conditions
Since the announcement of smart-appointed dealers in May of this year, smart Malaysia has been diligently outlining plans for product development and working closely with partners and suppliers to ensure a strategic smart ecosystem for Malaysia.

smart Malaysia’s team has been working collaboratively to develop local telematics services to support the vehicle control, navigation (charging map and entertainment functions), and the smart customer app. This is to ensure that our Malaysian customers are provided with a seamless and tailored experience.
The vehicle is currently undergoing rigorous road testing as part of smart’s research and development (R&D) process including 20,000km adaptive test to evaluate the vehicle’s performance, reliability, and safety in real-world conditions with a particular focus on adapting to the weather and road conditions in Malaysia.

“In addition, we conducted local integration and display head function tests, which included 12,000 test cases and conditions. And on the service side, we have successfully developed our after-sales network and online system. Over the past 6 months, we have extensively tested the service functions to ensure a smooth experience for end users,” explained Zhang Qiang.

Mercedes-Benz inspired design unveil for the first time at Setia City Convention Centre
With Mercedes-Benz design and smart engineering, the all-new smart #1 perfectly encapsulates the smart’s purpose - to design a smarter future, together.
“We have every reason to believe that smart will emerge as a leading EV brand in this country. The team is dedicated to ensuring that EV mobility ecosystem is fully prepared before the launch of smart #1 later this year. We will continue to share updates on the significant advancements made along the way,” added Zhang Qiang.